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  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • by doing so won for himself the teaching of the best of all
    • With this I do not want to say that the arrogant teaching
    • them and live them out in the spirit world instead of the
    • nineteenth century and on up to our present time could teach us
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 1: Popular Occultism, Introtroduction
    Matching lines:
    • the elementary part of occultism. To-day it is not possible to teach
    • instead by a form resembling man, consisting of an inwardly luminous
    • finished things to play with. He should instead make something for himself,
    • the child accepts everything on the authority of his parents as teachers.
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 2: Man's Ascent into the Supersensible World
    Matching lines:
    • perceive instead things which escaped our notice before, which had remained
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 3: The Different Conditions of Man's Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • teach us to turn away from life. The spiritual scientist may use the
    • The Earth is not a valley of tears, it is a gathering place and the
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 8: The Evolution of Man and of the Solar System; the Atlantic Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • lived on the Atlantean continent, is a fact advanced by Occultism. Our
    • Atlanteans. Of course, the Atlantean human beings, whose organization
    • receding of the mists. There could be no rainbow in the ancient Atlantean
    • human being of that time differs from modern man. The Atlantean's did
    • Atlantean were as follows: His etheric body protruded far, especially
    • gradually entered further into the head. The ancient Atlantean did not
    • had instead other highly developed faculties, for example the power
    • The Atlantean and was able
    • exercised a magic influence. The Atlanteans lived in a state of dull
    • Atlantean ages, they controlled the life-forces. They built machines
    • in plants. The vehicles of the Atlanteans were fed with grains of wheat,
    • Since the Atlanteans controlled
    • no lifeless matter. The Atlantean was far more closely connected with
    • also the way of teaching was different. By strong will-power, a suggestive
    • The Atlantean still had
    • of the Atlanteans; Lemuria sets forth a still more ancient stage of
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 9: Lemurian Development
    Matching lines:
    • underwent a rapid transformation. The Atlantean soul-characteristics
    • In the Atlantean age the
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 10: Paths of Occult Training
    Matching lines:
    • development are called Initiates. The path which they tread and teach is that
    • post-Atlantean epoch), the Aryan, descends from the most highly developed
    • sub-race of the Atlanteans, the original Semitic race, that lived
    • Atlantis. Manu, a leader of the Atlanteans, guided the most mature men to the
  • Title: i Spirituality: Lecture 1: Historical Symptomology, the Year 790, Alcuin, Greeks, Platonism, Aristotelianism, East, West, Middle, Ego
    Matching lines:
    • something very real when, instead of simply an empty wallet, he has twenty-five or fifty francs
    • teacher. And yet he gives Fichte a stimulus, and Fichte comes back at him with the strong
    • poet, to give his material over to the dominion of the form of necessity but to hold steadily
    • teachers and gave the preparatory seminar courses. Return
    • Steiner suggested the founding of a World Fellowship of Schools during an assembly of teachers
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 3: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 2
    Matching lines:
    • individualization of the human being in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch is guided by spiritual
    • Byzantine Empire were a kind of symbol of the decay of the fourth post-Atlantean epoch, the
    • fourth post-Atlantean epoch, from the Graeco-Roman times, which, to be sure, are borrowings from
    • forms of the fourth post-Atlantean epoch — were to be stronger. What would arise then?
    • anything which goes beyond the physical-sense life. Instead of a real teaching on the spirit you
    • situation is this: as the fifth post-Atlantean epoch was approaching — around the tenth,
    • the tenet of Scholastic teaching arose that both were valid: reason on the one side and
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 4: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 3
    Matching lines:
    • revolutionary but a teacher of the inner human being. He stopped at the point where intellect is
    • fifth post-Atlantean epoch without developing the intellect. And it is the Western peoples that
    • intellect, of necessity works destructively in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. In the present age
    • post-Atlantean epoch, people were to hold on to capital even when they themselves could no longer
    • In every generation, in the children whom we teach
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 5: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 4
    Matching lines:
    • beginning of this age which we call the fifth post-Atlantean epoch, established their rule in
    • new civilization, which has become so fragile, has arisen in the fifth post-Atlantean epoch
    • world, that freedom can arise. But in order that the human being does not tear away from nature,
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 6: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 5
    Matching lines:
    • heretics; like, for example, the Waldenses and Albigenses. These claimed the right to teach
    • significance in our modern time and, in fact, there should be no more teaching without insight
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 7: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 6
    Matching lines:
    • look instead to see whether it comes from the grandmother or grandfather, and soon.
    • instead, to bring it about that the social structure corresponds only with what men are as
    • jurisprudence and similar branches of teaching. Modern humanity should take note of this fact.
    • instead, one sees how people just let life run its course; how they look at those who direct life
  • Title: Talk To Young People:
    Matching lines:
    • of the world order. Instead, we're living in clich├ęs, in convention,
    • shouldn't one have a bit of anthroposophy while there instead of band
  • Title: "Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not pass away"
    Matching lines:
    • earth period (Atlantean) have passed. Now we live in the fifth —
    • the post-Atlantean period. The three first earth periods were, in a
    • preparation for the future. And only now, in the post-Atlantean epoch,
    • of the Atlantean period — though already prepared in the Lemurian
    • post-Atlantean age man begins his development as earth man, his true,
    • periods of the post-Atlantean period — the Indian, Persian and
    • deciding point came with the fourth post-Atlantean cultural period in
    • the progress of man, and in our fifth post-Atlantean cultural point we
    • this our fifth post-Atlantean age mankind has gradually replaced the
    • by man at the end of the Atlantean period to enable them to inaugurate
    • as the physicist sees them. Instead, we must think of these atoms as
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture I: Tree of Life - I
    Matching lines:
    • the evolution of earthly history, fell in the Fourth Post-Atlantean
    • Greek philosophy in the teachings of Plato and Aristotle
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture II: Tree of Life - II
    Matching lines:
    • to going to sleep. We can thus say: Ahriman, instead of ourselves,
    • enjoys during the day our night experiences; and Lucifer instead of
    • spiritual element, instead of entering our physical body and showing
    • not possess the harmony between faith and knowledge, but have instead
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture III: The Power of Thought
    Matching lines:
    • connected with inner fashioning, but feels instead that thinking is
    • have been told of one, Christus, who has spread certain teachings.
    • They did not yet feel the deeper nature of these teachings, but what
    • Origenes, the Church Teacher, was well
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture IV: Harmonizing Thinking, Feeling and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • instead what has been made out of this normal evolution by Lucifer.
    • us.’ This we do not say, but instead:
    • of the Earth-content, but we should say instead; All that we have in
    • this, then, instead of feeling that will impulses and feeling arise
    • instead of merely looking to Christ Jesus, a whole cosmology is
    • and steamer and thus travel from Europe to America. That will never
    • another in a spiritual way. Instead of this the whole spiritistic
    • when H.P. Blavatsky brought certain teachings into the world, one had
    • moment, however, that it becomes a question of presenting a teaching
    • teaching, only he is living up to his full duty. And one who cannot
    • therefore most important for the transmission of teachings that the
    • the teachings, and must not appeal to unknown Masters. And those who
    • spread the teachings further, may also only appeal to living
    • responsibility for their teachings. This gives a sure and certain way
    • for dissemination of the teaching to a wider circle, but gate and
    • is answerable, as much as when teachings are circulated. He who
    • spreads the teachings of another, has equally to show that he
    • responsibility for their teachings and also show through their
    • theory, that steams into mankind in this spiritual science. Human
    • evolution receives something actual and real through what steams into
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture V: Tree of Knowledge - I
    Matching lines:
    • how, precisely through the fact that a priest came forward instead of
  • Title: World Downfall and Resurrection
    Matching lines:
    • centuries of Christendom to teachings such as those now living
    • Teachings of religious wisdom permeated the whole of antiquity.
    • teaching founded upon the nature of the Father God. When we
    • ruling in the things of the outer world. The teachings of the
    • was for the upholding of the teaching contained in the first
    • growing faculty of human intellect to understand this teaching
    • the Earth. Instead of deriving his conceptions of the Divine
    • the teachings of the old pagan wisdom into connection with the
    • instead of striving to attain Imagination, Inspiration and
  • Title: Lecture: Philosophy and Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • in still earlier times, drawing upon the various teachings of ancient
    • wholly ignorant of the fact that all the teachings of Indian, Egyptian, and
    • present day; the fundamental teachings embodying a logical system of
    • teachings of Aristotle did not expand to Western countries only, but also
    • concern themselves with his teachings, for in the interpretation placed
    • the teaching brought by the Arabs was not Aristotle's, but only a mistaken
    • correctly in order to find in his teaching a basis for the conception of
    • philosophy of the universe corrupt an uncommon amount of the teaching which
    • the founders themselves presented in the right way. Instead of looking to
    • Nature herself, instead of exercising the faculty of observation, it was
    • direct, that is, from an undistorted, development of his teaching. In the
    • to understand Aristotle's teaching of “matter” and
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture I: The Pedagogy of the West and of Central Europe: The Inner Attitude of the Teacher
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking to the teachers at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Steiner
    • He states fact that successful teaching requires a living synthesis of the
    • TEACHER.
    • last year I should like to add something about the teacher himself, about
    • teacher should be taken quite aphoristically. It would indeed be best if it
    • especially teachers whose attention should be drawn to the fact
    • should be drawn: the teacher must really have a deep feeling for the nature
    • And it would be necessary for the teacher especially to guard much as
    • the proceedings and debates taking place within the body of teachers. The
    • science. What, according to this, should be done in school? We should teach
    • would be hard to imagine a graver error in elementary school teaching, than
    • been deemed that the teacher as such has something in common with the
    • teacher training, whereas the two must be different, through and through.
    • If the teacher becomes a scientist, if he gives himself up in the narrow
    • private person but not as a teacher — then he deserves
    • what frequently happens, that the teacher cuts a ridiculous figure in his
    • side of the teacher when the students poke fun at him, or more on the side
    • — institutions for teaching mature young men and women,
    • they are at one and the same time teaching and research institutions. But
    • in teaching, one should never proceed from the abstract, but always from
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  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture II: The Three Fundamental Forces in EducatioN
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking to the teachers at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Steiner
    • He states fact that successful teaching requires a living synthesis of the
    • and teaching.
    • death and our new birth. We acquire the reverence we need in our teaching
    • divine-spiritual, when it permeates my teaching, is actually a
    • wonder-worker in teaching. If I have the feeling that I am in contact with
    • that a teacher has are his most important teaching tools. And this
    • so do we gain more animation and enthusiasm in our teaching through
    • an apollonian element as we teach the plastic arts, painting and drawing.
    • after death. We gain a certain enthusiasm for our teaching by this, knowing
    • believe the future of education will consist in this: teachers will no
    • of greater importance than this, that we are able as teachers to develop in
    • may teach with reverence and enthusiasm. Reverence and enthusiasm
    • lend spirit to the teacher's soul.
    • exact quotation, but altered slightly to correspond with the teachings of
    • that man may become Man. We must naturally keep in mind that the teachers
    • repelled from man's inner nature by the musical element. The teachers in
    • capacity as teacher, then we arrive at the third feeling we have need of.
    • school teaching, namely that the human being on entering the world is
    • teaching.
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  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture III: Spiritual Knowledge of Man as the Fount of Educational Art
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking to the teachers at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Steiner
    • He states fact that successful teaching requires a living synthesis of the
    • teacher every moment of the time. I want to put this point as an
    • teaching and education two elements interweave in a remarkable way. I would
    • for as teachers we have particular reason to know about them. Notice what a
    • strengthen the memory of a pale child if, as teachers, we are in the
    • teaching, between just listening and working on his own. Now supposing you
    • educate and teach
    • that the power of inventiveness you will need for teaching children will be
    • inner process of digestion goes on in your soul and spirit making a teacher
    • works in us and makes us teachers, comes into being through our working
    • things that will often keep you going for a whole day's teaching. Time
    • need for your teaching, in five minutes, and you will be quite different in
    • the case of the teacher.
    • of it out of the spirit. This means teaching creatively from out of the
    • you will be a real teacher.
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture IV: The Art of Education Consists of Bringing Into Balance the Physical and Spiritual Nature of the Developing Human Being
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking to the teachers at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Steiner
    • He states fact that successful teaching requires a living synthesis of the
    • — all education and teaching should
    • protected from this by their teacher when he or she sees to it that the ego
    • which can achieve this. They are the following: everything in teaching and
    • try to regulate things through the way we teach a language. All the musical
    • and metre in the language. As a teacher one must acquire this as an art and
    • examples show us how in teaching and education we can use every detail
    • teaching of Geography. On the whole it protects the ego from being drawn
    • altitudes on earth, or by introducing anything into our teaching of
    • you have all learnt some physics and you will remember how hard teachers
    • usually tried, tried as conscientious teachers will , to explain to the
    • teacher, I should like to say as a real soul habit, then the following will
    • little use to observe how, for example, the fingers grow, etc; instead you
    • case, instead of seeing it from an emotional point of view we will have to
    • intimate between teacher and pupil when we educate. When we meet a man the
    • are teachers who are inclined towards an understanding of Karma and less in
    • the direction of a teacher who has taught in such a way that, being
    • inkpot and threw it at the child's head, saying: I'll teach you how to be
    • fashion, but even in a less radical form we as teachers and educators must
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  • Title: Social Understanding: Lecture II: Social Understanding Through Spiritual Scientific Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • Speaking to the teachers at the first Waldorf school in Stuttgart, Steiner
    • He states fact that successful teaching requires a living synthesis of the
    • they despise material existence instead of understanding it and looking for
    • twenty-first year. Not until the age of twenty-one does man tear himself
    • possible, and not teaching him anything that extends beyond his mental
    • capacity. They actually rig up calculating machines so that they can teach
    • is absolutely on his own mental level, but because his teacher's warmth of
    • the teacher in his enthusiasm tells him about it. The child takes it in
    • just because it lives in the warmth emanating from the teacher. If the
    • because of the infectious quality of his teacher's enthusiasm, he will not
    • later development; for lessons taken in purely through the teacher's warmth
    • of particular importance in teaching- In earlier times it was not so
    • to the teacher's capacity for enthusiasm.
    • works with a whole set of standard rules. Education is learnt, how to teach
    • ought to teach, that is, teach in a living way, without having absorbed
    • thing to a good teacher as the aesthetics of colour is to an artist. He can
    • to teach comes from an entirely different quarter from the study of
    • education. The important thing, today, is not to give would-be teachers a
    • to give them the sort of thing that makes them become teachers and
    • teachers. You see, if you possess this real knowledge of man and work out
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  • Title: Buddha and the Two Boys: Lecture I: Buddha and the Two Boys of Jesus
    Matching lines:
    • great teacher of humanity. This latter gradually takes on other capacities
    • bring down such teachings as that of compassion and love. There comes a
    • teaching of compassion and love, or rather a paraphrase of it, arose in the
    • precise version of the teaching of compassion and love. By the fact that
    • the Buddha could recognize this teaching alive in himself, the possibility
    • teaching of the eight-limbed path in a living way.
    • that teaching of compassion and love flow into humanity. Now, however, it
    • Buddha. The old man burst into tears because he was not allowed to
  • Title: Buddha and the Two Boys: Lecture II: The Gospels, Buddha and the Two Boys of Jesus
    Matching lines:
    • teaching fully justifies what is contained in the oriental scriptures: that
    • of transmitting from epoch to epoch what can be called the teaching of
    • clairvoyance. That is why everything that was to be given as teaching in
    • from within themselves the teaching of compassion and love, the teaching of
    • the so-called eight-limbed path. This teaching, which previously had to be
    • given to him from above, could only be given to him as a teaching when the
    • people are picked who have understanding for the teaching. Perhaps one will
    • carefully. It was in the mission of the Buddha to bring the teaching of
    • itself. It is different to bring the teaching of something than to bring
    • being on earth, that this teaching was brought through the Buddha. But
    • than it otherwise happens. For if I try to teach him in the seventh year
    • what the school teaches him today, then I have thereby made the soul
    • They could not yet absorb the Buddha's teachings of compassion and love.
    • Buddha's appeal to develop from within themselves the teaching of
    • teaching. Then, when completely different forces had been developed, at
  • Title: Lecture: Art As A Bridge Between The Sensible And The Supersensible
    Matching lines:
    • transpired that in this fifth post-Atlantean time-period involving the
    • karma, the human being lives in repeated earth lives. It wants to teach
  • Title: Raphael's Mission in the Light of the Science of the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • with his first teacher,
  • Title: Fairy Tales: in the light of Spiritual Investigation
    Matching lines:
    • to theoretical discussion. Instead, having gained insight into
    • Rudolf Steiner's friend and teacher
  • Title: The Worldview of Herman Grimm in Relation to Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • teachings and theories. On the other hand, whoever
    • tearing his soul out of himself and striding as though
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • become ever more powerful during the fifth post-Atlantean epoch.
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • of the state is used. Instead of nationalism, socialism is
    • proficient teacher, but is also a fanatical racist and a sworn
    • The guy has a certain influence in teachers' circles and he works in
    • is to be able to spread the teachings about the spiritual life in a
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture III: Anthroposophy and Philosophy
    Matching lines:
    • teacher, the educators of the people and it is also here where
    • deepening; because the priest became the teacher once again.
    • would like to say that the subject of the teaching in the
    • separate sciences should create the totality of teaching. This
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture IV: Anthroposophy and Pedagogy
    Matching lines:
    • and teaching of our children. In the present it is repeatedly
    • teaching to be established, then some or other place for the
    • previously been a tavern — to begin our teaching and education.
    • all teaching is based on the understanding of the human being,
    • which is proven in the relationship of the teacher, the
    • implementation, for the inner talents of teachers, to work in
    • mind, but it comes down to the teachers working through
    • such education and such teaching, not only in the child being
    • make our teaching more and more alive.
    • only want to mention one thing. Today in various ways teaching
    • on the child's performance and on the other, the teacher's
    • the child is given a kind of witnessing presented by the teacher
    • are deduced from the essence of the child itself, teach us what
    • Anthroposophical foundation is what flows into the teacher's
    • mindset, what the teacher simply through his entire being
    • way. The teacher gets to know the child and as a result obtains
    • a person can say: There is no reason to see this as stealing;
    • teacher, standing in front of the children, must say to
    • Teaching and education really becomes an act of sacrifice
    • about teaching and education being a force and without which in
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  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture V: Anthroposophy and Social Science
    Matching lines:
    • ideas, which can teach you how you can provide your ideas with
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture VI: Anthroposophy and Theology
    Matching lines:
    • constitution. The audible confession, as it is handled, tears
    • When we, in the Waldorf School, manage to apply teaching in a
  • Title: Impulse of Renewal: Lecture VII: Anthroposophy and the Science of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • English teachers coming to the lectures which they had asked
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 1
    Matching lines:
    • that fructifies and feeds all being, but also teaches man
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 2
    Matching lines:
    • A.D. The middle of the fourth post-Atlantean period. Before
    • Instead of fullness of spirit
    • Which would steal in future time
    • Which would steal in future time
    • Instead of fullness of spirit
    • Which would steal in future time
    • Which would steal in future time
    • Instead of fullness of spirit
    • Which would steal in future time
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 3
    Matching lines:
    • Instead of fullness of spirit
    • Which would steal in future time
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 4
    Matching lines:
    • communications from the spiritual world - the teacher said to
    • Which would steal in future time
    • earth with the steaming sunlight and with every breath breathes
    • Instead of fullness of spirit
    • Which would steal in future time
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 5
    Matching lines:
    • capturing his whole being, as though tearing him apart in great
    • death, act in nothingness. We are cramped instead of being
    • wander off either to the right or the left instead, then one of
    • instead find ourselves with alien powers where the human origin
    • life does not listen to a mere teaching or a theory, but
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 6
    Matching lines:
    • Lucifer reigns. He wants to tear man away from the
    • instead of remaining a human being. Thus, therefore is the
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 7
    Matching lines:
    • of administrative body for anthroposophical teaching and
    • members can be recipients of what the School teaches.
    • fifth post-Atlantean cultural epoch. According to the will of
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 8
    Matching lines:
    • teaching which appears in the name of the General
    • Goetheanum in their teaching or impulse. Whoever wants to do
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 10
    Matching lines:
    • deeds of the spirits are teaching to me,
    • [7] The deeds of the spirits are teaching to me.
    • of the spirits are teaching to me.
    • The deeds of the spirits are teaching to me,
    • The deeds of the spirits are teaching to me,
    • of the spirits are teaching to me,
    • The deeds of the spirits are teaching to me,
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 11
    Matching lines:
    • And this is not a teaching given to us on the earth; it
    • is a teaching, my dear sisters and brothers, given to us by
    • meditation as teaching.
    • The spiritual teacher Angelos:
    • teaches.
    • teachers — the godly teachers — are there. We are
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 12
    Matching lines:
    • the last line with a period instead of a question mark. Why,
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 13
    Matching lines:
    • legs. Who, my dear friends, does that instead when we are
    • triviality – instead of Thrones say “Sitze”
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 14
    Matching lines:
    • instead of only for the time the spirit sets it ablaze
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 15
    Matching lines:
    • threefold teaching about the Guardian of the Threshold's
    • What do the Angeloi teach us? We humans think. At
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 17
    Matching lines:
    • teachings the Guardian gives to those who cross the threshold. We
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 18
    Matching lines:
    • We grow into the spiritual world. Instead of what
    • initiates and their teachings were there. They explained the
    • through the teachings of Christ men should protect themselves
    • incomprehensible sounds instead of the understandable words of
    • instead of the soul's life. There is an initiation-science
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 19
    Matching lines:
    • heartfelt teachings first resounded. They were the powerful
    • 1924. Instead, repetition lessons – with additional
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XX (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • phenomena and instead seeking an abstractly chaotic path; but
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXI (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • our willing. And he gives us a certain teaching in what he then
    • Instead of spirit-content which,
    • Who would steal in future time
    • Instead of spirit-content which,
    • Who would steal in future time
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • an action. The “Creative cosmic force” instead of
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • of the Threshold teaches us how we, in wanting to choose the
    • Guardian of the Threshold teaches us that we should do this,
    • teaches us how we can also unite with the powers of air. We
    • The Guardian's teaching:
    • teachings will be rounded out, will take place on Monday at
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIV (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • Guardian of the Threshold therefore teaches us about thinking
    • the Guardian of the Threshold teaches us how in feeling, at
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture II: Comparisons at Solving the Social Question based on Life's Realities
    Matching lines:
    • if, instead of mere laws and state programs being introduced, a
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture III: Fanaticism Versus a Real Conception of Life in Social Thinking and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • Considering the sceptics will not be considered here, instead
    • particularly open to embark on an abstract teaching, one can
    • call it a teaching on scientific stilts, a teaching permeated
    • impulse out of the life of the modern proletariat: the teaching
    • of Marxism, the teaching of Karl Marx. It is a unique
    • proletarians and the Marxist teaching.
    • by an apparent theoretic teaching.
    • However, what lives in this theoretic teaching? Here is a
    • to some extent to the instinct of these Marxist teachings. This
    • teaching. Whoever believes that the Marxist teaching is
    • exists.’ However, something steams up in the human soul, it
    • steam engine (by Thomas Newcomen) and open and close the taps
    • alternately, allowing steam out the one side and the entry of
    • steam engine which sprung out of the experience of this little
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture IV: The Evolution of Social Thinking and Willing and Life's Circumstances for Current Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • tear human labour out of the fangs of economic life on the way
    • defendants, instead of judges presented out of the centralised
    • teach us if these things are investigated without prejudice and
    • teacher. Anyway, I might regard it as particularly lucky that
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture V: The Social Will as the Basis Towards a New, Scientific Procedure
    Matching lines:
    • towards the newer scientific way of thinking instead of
    • remedied? Instead of letting will be paralysed, this social
    • then we have instead of Homunculus in the area of economy a
    • have for many years, for example, been a teacher in the various
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture VI: What Significance does Work have for the Modern Proletarian?
    Matching lines:
    • can't deny this — the facts teach us — in both
    • For years I was a teacher in the worker's education school in
    • particular position in the social order, but instead it has
    • attracts others; by this tearing the modern Proletariat away
    • to their human dignity, tear them away to where they are
    • spiritual life, when the lowest teacher no longer asks: what
    • wait for someone who had vegetables. Instead you could swap
    • managed only single branches of teaching in the workers
  • Title: Lecture: Richard Wagner and Mysticism
    Matching lines:
    • the experiences of those to whom the hidden teachings were revealed
    • of his being, Richard Wagner was connected with the teachings of
    • I shall here repeat certain teachings of Spiritual Science which will
    • among the descendants of the Atlanteans was possessed in abundance by
    • the Atlanteans themselves. They understood all that was living in
    • Instead of objects in space, colour-phenomena arose before them. They
    • out in the fields at noon and fall asleep instead of returning to
    • Atlanteans. The old Germanic peoples looked back to the ages when
    • realisation on his part. — The old Atlanteans were possessed
    • the Holy Grail the following teaching was given: — (I will give
  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Wisdom in the Early Christian Centuries
    Matching lines:
    • certain individuals, saying that their teachings were to be avoided at
    • in writing. Now the reason why the eminent teachers of that age wrote
    • discrepancy between the teachings of Plato and Aristotle.
    • the teachings of Ammonius Saccas — felt himself living in an
    • It was a fundamental tenet of this Roman School that the teaching
    • in the Person of Christ was substituted for the teaching of Ammonius
    • because strenuous efforts were made to destroy any teaching that
    • teachers in the Southern regions of Europe not even the names have
    • the ancient teachings exterminated, to such an extent indeed that we
    • Iamblichus was one. It is the Initiates who teach true Christianity.
    • Lo! instead of a demon there appeared the Godhead Himself!
    • Christianity in the light of the teachings of Iamblichus.
    • Christianity of Julian the Apostate had conquered instead of the
  • Title: Community Building
    Matching lines:
    • to those of the dream. Instead of a logical train of thought,
    • their understanding of the teaching drawn from the higher
    • achieved, but, instead of unity, which can be the very gift
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 1: Evolution and Consciousness, Lucifer, Ahriman
    Matching lines:
    • night time sleep. Experience teaches us to distinguish
    • They have retained their power and instead of limiting
    • necessary for us to tear ourselves away from our
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 2: East, West, and the Culture of Middle Europe, the Science of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • and Asia, descendants of the ancient Atlantean race that
    • post-Atlantean migrations inevitably had to develop in a
    • different effect on the descendants of the Atlanteans
    • periods of post-Atlantean civilization, during the 9th,
    • post-Atlantean times, has been tending towards this
    • post-Atlantean population of Asia accepted all that we
    • characterize the descendants of the Atlanteans' earliest
    • into everything we do as we teach and train the children.
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 3: Political Empires
    Matching lines:
    • confusion. Instead, let us find some other, more neutral
    • some social background or other. Instead they felt that
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 4: Western Secret Societies, Jesuitism, Leninism
    Matching lines:
    • on in our modern civilized worlds. They all teach that
    • Ages the teachings of Aristotle infiltrated theology and
    • if the truth were to become known, instead of
    • teaching Christian Ideas from their pulpits, but
    • teachings.
    • from gnostic teachings. The Roman Catholic sacrifice of
    • borrowing from oriental and gnostic teachings and so on.
    • been teaching for a long time. It is merely a final
    • teacher, shaking in his boots if I may put it like that,
    • This has become the teaching of egotism. It is restored
    • continue to teach the kind of basic philosophy that they
    • have been teaching, the inevitable conclusion simply has
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 5: How the Material Can Be Understood Only through the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • professor of physiology is teaching today, with the
    • why we never acquire the habit of steady, purposeful
    • simply by teaching outside the universities what until
    • now has been alive inside them. It would mean teaching
    • able to refer to the teaching of anthropology in class 5.
    • would teach anthroposophy to the children — we
    • teach. This brings the souls of the children to life;
    • would be taking the easy way simply to teach
    • to teach historical materialism but the truth. That was
    • things that haunt us in our community here can teach us a
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 6: Materialism and Mysticism, Knowledge as a Deed of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • correct their views. Instead we must say: ‘If you
    • stearin candle ignites to burn with a flame. That is
    • teaches us what matter is on earth. We cannot know
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 7: Materialism, Mysticism, Anthroposophy, Liberalism, Conservatism
    Matching lines:
    • Note 51 ] Instead we can
    • formed since AD 140. Physicists are actually teaching
    • childishness instead. Once again we see that purely
    • tear their soul and spirit away from the brain with the
    • opportunity that still exists of tearing the element of
    • physical brain. People must tear themselves free. It is
    • the old faculty of tearing themselves away that lies in
    • anthroposophy; anthroposophy is intended to tear the
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 8: The Opposition of Knowledge and Faith, Its Overcoming
    Matching lines:
    • to teach humankind the difference between knowledge of
    • post-Atlantean epoch began, and it has continued to the
    • wishes to teach it. The way people are here on earth is
    • instead one must assume that human beings desire to know
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 10: Transition from the Luciferic to the Ahrimanic Age and the Christ Event to Come
    Matching lines:
    • teaching children in your school and you will note that these children
    • the mood of the age that teachers perceive when they give their lessons.
    • find that children you teach at school in the years and decades ahead
    • statesmen. It will be necessary to win people's hearts instead, so that
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 11: Modern Science and Christianity, Threefold Social Order, Goetheanism
    Matching lines:
    • beginning of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch. In a recent
    • them. Instead, the ‘tale’ of the green Snake
    • fighting people with different interests but instead
    • anthroposophical cosmology teaches. We come to see this
    • letters — except maybe at aesthetic tea parties
    • different fields, above all the Waldorf School teachers
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • Science, it is the beginning of the fifth post Atlantean
    • Atlantean epoch. Before that epoch people could still speak of
    • call to mind what appears when we look back into the Atlantean
    • form for the Atlantean, and lastly that of the post
    • Atlantean age. The Beings of these higher Hierarchies gradually
    • by a course for teachers which I ventured to hold. The
    • important thing was to establish a pedagogy, an art of teaching
    • earth-lives. Hitherto the teacher, however advanced in
    • enough for the teacher of the future. He will need a fine
    • foundation of something like a real art of teaching and
    • “technical.” Should teaching be directed to fitting
    • what they brought into being. How about the earlier teachers
    • the whole of humanity in this fifth post-Atlantean epoch. They
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • standpoint as the first and second post-Atlantean epochs.
    • heads to teach their children the Egyptian tongue: they
    • we are really doing. It is not only that we teach our young
    • question. Instead of this he is told: “You need only
    • teacher was left quite free. Nowadays we get an enormous
    • manner of teaching. So that what should only work on one living
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • really important feature of our post-Atlantean age is
    • into humanity in the fourth post-Atlantean epoch, which began
    • post-Atlantean epoch, and was thus understood by the men of
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Main Features of the Social Question and the Threefold Order of the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • taken the trouble to teach directly out of our common human
    • aware when I spoke to the workers, in lecturing or teaching,
    • immediate future in the realm of teaching and education. As a
    • appalling State-regulation of teaching which has arisen in
    • everything connected with instruction, including , the teachers
    • of pedagogy and teaching which has its origin in the true and
    • But to be able to teach and educate him means learning first to
    • to the teachers working at the school, there came under my
    • short: the subject of teaching was presented by means of
    • no short syllabus; instead, we have thick books which not only
    • but tell us how to teach it. What should be the subject
    • then the teaching of the future will be seen to have little
    • of life will resemble a model republic. Teaching will be
    • secondary school teacher, somewhat in this wise:
    • me for the teacher to believe that what was drawn from the
    • themselves instead of being under the aegis of the State:

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