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  • Title: Memůria e Amor
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    • Se algu√©m tem uma imagem na mem√≥ria de algo experimentado na vida f√≠sica vinte anos antes, uma pessoa saud√°vel e reflexiva n√£o a considerar√° uma experi√™ncia presente; √© da natureza da pr√≥pria imagem da mem√≥ria que a relacionemos a uma experi√™ncia passada. Quem olha de forma clarividente para o que a alma vivencia durante o sono, em ordem inversa, n√£o conecta isso ao presente; mas ao futuro ap√≥s a morte. Assim como qualquer pessoa percebe que sua lembran√ßa de algo vivido vinte anos antes se refere √†quele tempo passado, tamb√©m quem v√™ o estado de sono por meio da clarivid√™ncia sabe que o que enxerga n√£o tem significado para o presente, mas prenuncia o que dever√° ser experimentado ap√≥s a morte, quando tivermos que percorrer, ao reverso, tudo o que tivermos feito na Terra. √Č por isso que essa imagem do sono √© meio-realidade, meio-apar√™ncia: est√° relacionada ao futuro. Logo, para a consci√™ncia comum, √© uma experi√™ncia inconsciente daquilo por que o homem tem de passar, que chamei em meu livroTeosofia de mundo da alma. E a consci√™ncia intuitiva e inspirada, descrita em meu livroO conhecimento dos mundos superiores, re√ļne, a partir da observa√ß√£o do sono, o que o homem tem que passar durante o primeiro est√°gio ap√≥s a morte. Essas coisas n√£o s√£o meras fabrica√ß√Ķes; s√£o claramente observadas, uma vez que o dom da observa√ß√£o tenha sido adquirido. Portanto, desde ir dormir at√© despertar, o homem vivencia, sem o seu corpo, o que fez com ele quando acordado.
  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • striving for peace and equilibrium, led to freedom from the
    • ideal before Stoicism. And that which inserts itself as wisdom
    • up. That world development was also shot through with wisdom,
    • so its wisdom must also reach up into the flowing of cosmic
    • wisdom.
    • permit wisdom, (which humanity must assume, if it wants to
    • striving for wisdom in the world?
    • arose before the Stoics as the need for human freedom. And now
    • his/her freedom towards the ideal of wisdom, the possibility
    • Freedom must reside in striving for the ideal of wisdom. But
    • down into a kingdom that is not their own human kingdom, but
    • really a kingdom below their true humanity. And to want to
    • into such a kingdom that is beneath him/her: doing that is so
    • under humanity there is a kingdom of animal, plants and
    • minerals. The Stoics knew that there is a kingdom into which a
    • human being can plunge down, from which his wisdom is far
    • be from his/her own free choice, his/her wisdom.
    • meaning of evil, already resided in ancient Stoic wisdom; and
    • such an answer, does not take account of the animal kingdom
    • up to meet us in the animal kingdom, how does everything, that
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  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 1: Popular Occultism, Introtroduction
    Matching lines:
    • Occultism, the wisdom of
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 3: The Different Conditions of Man's Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • verse: unless ye become like little children, ye cannot enter the kingdom
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 7: Effects of the Law of Karma
    Matching lines:
    • kingdom cannot change of its own accord. Everything that changes within
    • the animal kingdom proceeds from the astral plane, at least as far as
    • change in the vegetable kingdom is directed from the sphere of Devachan.
    • Natural science traces back changes in the animal kingdom to adaptations
    • with the transformation of the vegetable and animal kingdoms of the
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 9: Lemurian Development
    Matching lines:
    • the three kingdoms of Nature.
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 10: Paths of Occult Training
    Matching lines:
    • imprints on matter the Wisdom of things. This is how works of art arise. In
  • Title: i Spirituality: Lecture 1: Historical Symptomology, the Year 790, Alcuin, Greeks, Platonism, Aristotelianism, East, West, Middle, Ego
    Matching lines:
    • and a Greek also living at that time in the kingdom of the Franks. The
    • alive of the ancient wisdom of humanity; that wisdom which takes us across to the ancient Orient
    • where, indeed, in ancient times a primal wisdom had lived but which had then fallen more and more
    • if I can so call them, of this primal oriental wisdom. And then, like a rapidly developing
    • would rather take the whole of Kant's critique for a random game of ideas haphazardly thrown
    • poet, to give his material over to the dominion of the form of necessity but to hold steadily
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 2: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 1
    Matching lines:
    • increasingly educated for freedom, must also take up a conscious stand more and more to what
    • Anglo-Saxon. And, in its basic instincts, this 'Anglo-Saxondom' moves completely with the
    • nature of Anglo-Saxondom, was the foundation for the world dominion of the Anglo-Saxon. The
    • natural-scientific mode of thought and the character of Anglo-Saxondom. And this was sensed deep
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 3: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 2
    Matching lines:
    • dialectical thinking. So what came from oriental wisdom penetrated then into Western
    • freedom of action, far greater room to move in as it were. In the Latin countries proper they
    • dominant. He, therefore, also considers the human being only according to body and soul and
    • of necessity from Anglo-Saxondom, so from later Romanism there arose Ignatius of Loyola.
    • at the time when he came to his great ancient wisdom. And coming to the 1780s we see how he can
    • and spirit predominate, just as, in the West, it is primarily body and soul. Thus, this rising up
    • from the ancient primal wisdom into decadence. There develops that which is the spiritual, in
    • universities was not objective history but party-wisdom, distinctly politically coloured. And
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 4: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 3
    Matching lines:
    • being cannot come to freedom. For if he has completely surrendered himself to the world of the
    • freedom.
    • freedom? And he sees
    • governed by freedom. Schiller thus wishes to realize a social community in such a way that free
    • the King of Wisdom (the Golden King), the King of Semblance (the Silver King), the King of Power
    • Golden King; from the West the sphere of the Copper King. From the East, Wisdom; from the West,
    • galvanizing the old. This 'old' founds 'Schools of Wisdom' on purely hollow words. It has
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 5: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 4
    Matching lines:
    • ancient times in which the oriental rose to the attainment of wisdom, what was of particular
    • through birth. In the time of oriental wisdom, everything — despite the civilization which
    • took its course there and was shone through with wisdom — everything, fundamentally,
    • intelligence, he can appropriate freedom to himself in the course of cultural development. It is
    • world, that freedom can arise. But in order that the human being does not tear away from nature,
    • freedom.
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 6: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 5
    Matching lines:
    • of all through the remnants of ancient oriental wisdom. And when this Mystery of Golgotha moved
    • bring forward concerning the Mystery of Golgotha out of an ancient oriental wisdom, could be
    • human being must find his full freedom out of nullity and the new perception must be born out of
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 7: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 6
    Matching lines:
    • is from whom it has got this or that characteristic. And the reply, however, is seldom that the
    • this earth; a being who, not with theological mendacity but in very truth can say: "My kingdom is
    • For man will have to say to himself: 'My kingdom is not of this world.'
    • 4. 'My kingdom is not of this world' John: 18,36. Return
  • Title: Talk To Young People:
    Matching lines:
    • impulse is the growing freedom to be allotted to human beings, have
    • with Michael what he once had under his dominion. Young people will
  • Title: "Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not pass away"
    Matching lines:
    • kingdom through the Archangeloi. The dream-conception of the Moon-man
    • Jupiter's animal kingdom. The concepts of earth-man develop —
    • equivalent to our vegetable kingdom shall come into existence,
    • should produce a vegetable kingdom; in the depths of their souls they
    • production of the equivalent of our vegetable kingdom — is
    • adding, upon the mineral and vegetable foundation, another kingdom, the
    • imaginations, foundation of an animal kingdom through the
    • human being of the earth himself to erect his kingdom upon Jupiter, and
    • significance for the various kingdoms of nature, — for instance,
    • no means, the same process in the human kingdom as in the animal world.
    • human kingdoms this abstract manner as identical, one could with equal
    • Science will form the future vegetable kingdom upon Jupiter; and that
    • future (and further) progress will be the seed of the animal kingdom on
    • into the animal kingdom of Jupiter — and that everything
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture I: Tree of Life - I
    Matching lines:
    • perfected culture of wisdom and knowledge, but that the depths of the
    • Mystery of Golgotha should not be grasped through wisdom; they were
    • was; whereas over there where was the profoundest wisdom, the Mystery
    • the Mystery of Golgotha was ensheathed in a dying wisdom and was
    • absorbed through a living element still devoid of wisdom.
    • analysed abstract wisdom.[Gap
    • ebbing original wisdom, new life had to enter. If we are to give a
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture II: Tree of Life - II
    Matching lines:
    • called the continuous stream of evolving knowledge and wisdom, and,
    • with this wisdom. It is an example of the cooperation
    • wisdom-principle, and, on the other hand, of the
    • to Ahriman. We know, in fact, that Ahriman has his kingdom in the
    • are actually always weaving and living in the kingdom of Ahriman with
    • about, but it is not the kingdom of Lucifer in which we live and
    • world with a predominating tendency which led to the condition which
    • The predominance of this stream (diagram
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture III: The Power of Thought
    Matching lines:
    • cosmic wisdom:
    • they heard of them seemed to be like warmed-up ancient wisdom. It was
    • deceptive, whereas the ancient wisdom which was handed down to them
    • which is given by the old wisdom, the way it explains the cosmos,
    • mystery-wisdom, which contained a much greater store of wisdom than
    • of Golgotha. But this old mystery-wisdom contained nothing about the
    • though he still stood in the old wisdom, although not as strict
    • World-conception of the ancient, wisdom, he sought through this. to
    • the old mystery wisdom. And the tragedy is that Origenes was
    • Mystery wisdom. This wisdom had still lived on in the Grecian schools
    • wisdom. The later centuries of the Middle Ages worked for the most
    • part with Aristotle, who sought to encompass the ancient wisdom
    • not regard wisdom as a treasure of the Mysteries; he wished to grasp
    • Wisdom.
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture IV: Harmonizing Thinking, Feeling and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • and human kingdoms, it is not possible to observe such a birth. That
    • which can benefit all men; he has no lust of domination; but let us
    • the world-conception of a limited territory dominate in other
    • way the world concept that he wished to make dominant the following
  • Title: World Downfall and Resurrection
    Matching lines:
    • which shines over from the first centuries of Christendom
    • thought and idea in those first centuries of Christendom was
    • mode of thinking of the first centuries of Christen' dom.
    • domain of controversy, had now been drawn into the sphere of
    • centuries of Christendom to teachings such as those now living
    • Teachings of religious wisdom permeated the whole of antiquity.
    • kingdom within it, the forces of the Earth are working
    • fragments that are a direct heritage from primeval wisdom,
    • Fathers of the first centuries of Christendom. Their
    • in the first centuries of Christendom there was added to this
    • centuries of Christendom were imbued with the idea that the
    • combined with the kingdom of Nature. It was from this
    • centuries of Christendom. All that I have been describing was
    • The kingdom of Heaven had drawn near, the kingdom of Earth had
    • prophesied for the 4th century of Christendom. It signified the
    • downfall of the Earth and the dawn of that kingdom in which man
    • difficult to realise that in the first centuries of Christendom
    • existence within the kingdom of the Spirit after
    • that man has entered already into the kingdom of Heaven, but he
    • life in the first centuries of Christendom — derived, of
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  • Title: Lecture: Philosophy and Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • wisdom. This, however, is only due to a particular form of dilettantism
    • Chaldean wisdom were entirely different, both in respect of method and
    • philosophies were in reality but abstractions inspired by the wisdom of the
    • easily be shown. [Under “Wisdom of the
    • Mysteries” a wisdom is meant which flourished in ancient times, and
    • faculty. Intuitive vision disappeared and the wisdom of the Mysteries was
    • period, however, were acquainted with the wisdom of the Mysteries, either
    • the wisdom of the Mysteries, which he translated into concepts and ideas.
    • says: there exists a certain fund of supersensible truth, a store of wisdom
    • content of the highest revealed wisdom. The early Scholastic appealed to a
    • certain fund of wisdom which transcends the technique of thinking; that is,
    • wisdom which has been revealed. This portion of the Wisdom must be accepted
    • forward up to a certain boundary where revealed wisdom meets him. Thus the
    • of wisdom as Revelation, which he cannot himself discover, but which he is
    • fund of wisdom acquired through revelation. When the worldly empirics
    • become so predominant in the course of time that all writers on the theory
    • Kant's principles of thought were the dominating influence and prevented
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture I: The Pedagogy of the West and of Central Europe: The Inner Attitude of the Teacher
    Matching lines:
    • lost. All that points to the dominance hegemony of the Western peoples.
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture III: Spiritual Knowledge of Man as the Fount of Educational Art
    Matching lines:
    • in freedom, of the spiritual supersensible element, through spiritual
  • Title: Social Understanding: Lecture II: Social Understanding Through Spiritual Scientific Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • predominantly at work in everything developing in the human being between
  • Title: Lecture: Art As A Bridge Between The Sensible And The Supersensible
    Matching lines:
    • all have the mineral kingdom. We have this mineral kingdom to a certain
    • naïve Gretchen became profound philosophical wisdom! People do
  • Title: Raphael's Mission in the Light of the Science of the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • [Fra Bartolomeo, who became a Dominican in 1500.]
    • servant of this heathenized Christendom. But such that
    • kingdoms of nature. With the human being we have, in spiritual
    • that stand in relative proximity to him in the kingdoms of
    • the plant or even the mineral kingdom came into being. We look
    • itself with the kingdoms that stand below the human being. Thus,
    • element arises again within Christendom. In Raphael we see a
  • Title: Leonardo's Spiritual Stature: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • in Milan, in that old Dominican church of
    • refectory of the Dominicans, was completely under water on one
    • of the Dominicans in Milan with quite particular feelings. For,
    • meaningful and imbued with wisdom in presupposing that things
  • Title: Fairy Tales: in the light of Spiritual Investigation
    Matching lines:
    • bears always come into my kingdom. If you have struck a
  • Title: A Mongolian Legend
    Matching lines:
    • knowing the wisdom inherent in it, is there not something
  • Title: The Worldview of Herman Grimm in Relation to Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • way, it grants us an echo of his wisdom-imbued worldview.
    • his own “kingdom” within this German cultural
    • Within this domain in which Herman Grimm felt himself at home,
    • “governor” of Goethe's spiritual domain, Herman
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • motivators dominating the Assyrian empire cannot be understood
    • were symbols for an inspirational kingdom of heaven.
    • nothing real results, only a dominant empty platitude. The reality
    • names — although the names seldom describe the reality. It's
    • Only then can there be a kingdom of Christ
    • on earth. For in that empire a reality must exist: “My kingdom
    • is not of this world.” In the kingdom of this world, in which
    • the kingdom of Christ will propagate, there will exist much that has
    • kingdom is not of this world!” That is the great
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • compiled the sum of today's political wisdom — but which was in
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • thus justified in expanding his domain as far as possible. This
    • completely lost: that the spiritual kingdom shines through into the
    • physical kingdom. And then one arrives at such definitions as I
    • freedom has been poured into the state. And those who were educated
    • arises, when we realize that we are living in the kingdom of
    • for a knowledge of the spirit, one which speaks of an invisible kingdom,
    • a kingdom which is not of this world in which the Christ-impulse can
    • which the living physical earth is predominant. In this sector the
    • Slovenia, Galizia, Lodomeria, Illyia and so on. Among all these
    • himself a Christian who has not grasped the saying: “My kingdom
    • This means that the kingdom of
    • Christ must become an invisible kingdom, a truly invisible empire, an
    • insofar as he is for freedom, but on the other hand he works against
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture I: Anthroposophy and Natural Science
    Matching lines:
    • persist. When one moves from the mineral to the plant kingdom
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture II: The Human and the Animal Organisation
    Matching lines:
    • equilibrium, but the connection is seldom noticed. In the
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture III: Anthroposophy and Philosophy
    Matching lines:
    • rather an inner relationship to the wisdom filled scientific
    • wisdom. Hegel would simply not have understood how one could
    • way, wisdom from belief, which was quite natural in the West.
    • wisdom. We understand that in ancient times, philosophy could
    • loving wisdom expresses itself in a magnitude of ways. Perhaps
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture IV: Anthroposophy and Pedagogy
    Matching lines:
    • “The Philosophy of Freedom
    • acquiring freedom, the form appears. So a comparison isn't made
    • in to any random thought because this works in on the child.
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture V: Anthroposophy and Social Science
    Matching lines:
    • human freedom, human worth and so on, to the economic
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture VI: Anthroposophy and Theology
    Matching lines:
    • — a lecture entitled “Bible and Wisdom”. Two
  • Title: Impulse of Renewal: Lecture VII: Anthroposophy and the Science of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • and wisdom to penetrate these areas, so that these areas of
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 2
    Matching lines:
    • for acquiring knowledge is what dominates. Especially in our
    • especially today they let this unconscious feeling dominate in
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 4
    Matching lines:
    • And they creating, wisdom weaving
    • wisdom. The gods bring their wisdom to our hearts, into our
    • And they creating, wisdom weaving
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 5
    Matching lines:
    • Threshold's domain. Especially in the last lesson here, it
    • in the plant, mineral, animal kingdoms, to which we have access
    • achieve freedom, it became ever more difficult for him to
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 6
    Matching lines:
    • gets to know the world by observing the kingdoms of nature
    • which are external to his own being - the animal kingdom, the
    • vegetable kingdom and the mineral kingdom. These relations
    • Since the modern phase of human evolution began, we seldom see
    • what is revealed between the things. We see the three kingdoms
    • friends, behind the kingdoms of nature we have what is called
    • them as we speak of the other beings of the nature-kingdoms,
    • extended animal domain.
    • vegetable kingdom. There is something in you that is as sleepy
    • toward the kingdoms of nature when we feel that we belong to
    • them as well. We feel the inner relationship to these kingdoms
    • look out at the animal kingdom. We observe the indolent animals
    • because we stand alone and the kingdoms of nature are beyond
    • aware of his relationship to the kingdoms of nature. Therefore,
    • kingdom where the Ahrimanic forces work so strongly. Our
    • descends to the kingdom of memories, the kingdom of airy
    • kingdoms of nature if he wishes to be knowledgeable. How he
    • water-element. How he must be aware of his own mineral kingdom,
    • mineral kingdom of his environment.
    • crosses] we enter Ahriman's kingdom and are warned by the
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  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 7
    Matching lines:
    • three classes, the same freedom must of course apply as it does
    • to every member of the Anthroposophical Society; but freedom
    • predominance of Prussia, to reestablish the Holy Roman Empire,
    • You weave in wisdom.
    • weaving cosmic wisdom in which we live; how feeling is the
    • You weave in wisdom.
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 8
    Matching lines:
    • wisdom and life impulses into human civilization today which
    • administrative society for the body of anthroposophical wisdom
    • not say, my friends, that this is a limitation of freedom.
    • Freedom demands that everyone involved be free. And just as one
    • world, in the kingdoms of nature, see the colors and the
    • earth - it is all sublime, grand, beautiful, full of wisdom.
    • this wisdom. If one wishes to become an esotericist, if he
    • star, cloud on cloud, creatures of the kingdoms of nature which
    • that he will realize: In this light-filled kingdom of earth the
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 9
    Matching lines:
    • man, see yourself in the kingdom of elements.
    • man, recreate yourself through celestial wisdom.
    • O man, see yourself in the kingdom of elements.
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 10
    Matching lines:
    • to the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms around us. And
    • live in the dark domain of the earth,
    • in the dark domain of the earth,
    • live in the dark domain of the earth,
    • the dark domain of the earth,
    • in the dark domain of the earth,
    • in the dark domain of the earth,
    • the dark domain of the earth,
    • in the dark domain of the earth,
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 11
    Matching lines:
    • of freedom. Every individual is called to his life's task and
    • stream of world evolution where freedom is
    • which rays toward us? It is the domicile of the gods. They
    • the moving, the temple dome which arches above, the temple
    • dome is sensed after the first verse; see the temple around
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 12
    Matching lines:
    • Cosmic being in spirit kingdoms.
    • Cosmic being in spirit kingdoms:
    • Cosmic being in spirit kingdoms:
    • Cosmic being in spirit kingdoms:
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 13
    Matching lines:
    • Cosmic being in spirit kingdoms:
    • field of the will is the one which most dominates the human
    • world of the Cherubim, the wisdom filled beings who live and
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 14
    Matching lines:
    • Thus the person realizes that before he enters the kingdom of
    • we associate with the beings of the three nature kingdoms and
    • develop a strong inner human consciousness for each domain
    • as long as the spirit carries me in the spirit-domain, as
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 15
    Matching lines:
    • kingdoms of nature, much of what is derived from them being
    • be found in all the kingdoms of nature; that it cannot be
    • the higher spiritual beings as we do about the three kingdoms
    • outside of us the essence of stone, of the mineral kingdom,
    • standing among the three kingdoms of nature. We must also
    • kingdoms of nature. Just as we must learn to be physical
    • we have learned to know the beings within the three kingdoms
    • of nature. We belong to the three kingdoms of nature with our
    • etheric-physical nature. We belong to the three kingdoms of
    • three kingdoms of nature and to let them flow through us, to
    • kingdoms of nature.
    • three kingdoms of nature. And we learn as truly human to feel
    • mighty wisdom of the Cherubim who bring to our
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 16
    Matching lines:
    • to be receivers of anthroposophical wisdom. And, of course,
    • should not be taken as a restriction on human freedom, my
    • belonging to the kingdoms of nature. We observe the glorious
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 17
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual domain, where it is breathed in by the beings of the
    • sense-perceptible may be brought into the spiritual domain, to
    • To spirit's domain of being
    • To spirit's domain of being
    • hierarchy appear, weaving, living in the pure spirit-domain, but
    • To spirit's domain of being
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 18
    Matching lines:
    • To spirit's domain of being
    • Something. And we call the Nothings the kingdoms of nature. That
    • not those from the domains of the gods to which we belong and to
    • deeply, deeply: We now know that we have gone from the kingdom of
    • illusions to the kingdom of truth. Earnestness, holy earnestness
    • world-creation, in world-dominion, in world-illumination, and we
    • From the realm of radiance, dominion, acting, the
    • kingdoms here in earth.
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 19
    Matching lines:
    • To spirit's domain of being
    • hierarchies. They form and shape everything in the kingdoms
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XX (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • middle and below. Let us look at the mute kingdom of minerals,
    • at the sprouting plant kingdom, at the mobile animal kingdom,
    • at the thinking kingdom of humanity on earth; let us direct our
    • grows and exists and lives around us in the kingdoms of nature.
    • freedom from earthly gravity. We need the wings of spiritual
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXI (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • domains, and submerge in the will.
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • can accomplish what is asked of us. Then wisdom will course
    • They'll create, wisdom-weaving,
    • hear the Word, for only if we courageously strive for wisdom
    • grace, speaking about humanity's true wisdom.
    • And they'll create, wisdom-weaving,
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • of all the kingdoms of nature and all the kingdoms of spirit to
    • behind us the gleaming colorful kingdoms of nature, to which we
    • O man, observe yourself in the elemental kingdom.
    • O man, observe yourself in the elemental kingdom.
    • powers. Then he lives with his soul in the spiritual kingdom of
    • the elemental kingdom. We can only psychically feel to be at
    • kingdom of the planets and their orbits. The Guardian of the
    • O man, create yourself through heaven's wisdom.
    • O man, observe yourself in the elemental kingdom.
    • O man, create yourself through heaven's wisdom.
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIV (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • enough, from all the kingdoms of nature and the hierarchies of
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXV (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • him from all the kingdoms of nature and from all the spiritual
    • interweaving reality in wisdom. The Guardian of the Threshold's
    • You interweave with wisdom.
    • wisdom
    • You interweave in wisdom.
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXVI (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • freedom. The School's leadership must also have its freedom and
    • kingdoms, what sparkles down from the stars, what acts into our
    • souls from the domains of the hierarchies, from all that crawls
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture I: The True Form of the Social Question
    Matching lines:
    • experience in life. Whosoever — this is so seldom the case in
    • more during the gradual evolution of the old serfdom of bodily
    • goods. In serfdom, a little less of a person was sold, but
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture II: Comparisons at Solving the Social Question based on Life's Realities
    Matching lines:
    • public legal systems, and then again for the third domain, an
    • freedom. Whoever is unprejudiced towards a healthy human
    • meaning in the words, brotherhood, equality, and freedom.
    • freedom, a reality. An astute Hungarian searched for proof that
    • every human being also wants the necessity for freedom to be
    • freedom. Now suddenly the three golden ideals gain their real
    • ideal of freedom, equality and brotherhood.
    • foundation of freedom and based on the physical and spiritual
    • when it is ensured that life is developed in freedom and no
    • actually underlies the complete freedom flowing out of single
    • What we are dealing with here is not some random program but
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture III: Fanaticism Versus a Real Conception of Life in Social Thinking and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • and social soul wisdom than you actually realize, on both
    • into chaos and a random organism which they want to continue to
    • not submit only to one's inner freedom but must stand within
    • The Philosophy of Freedom
    • to show that a true experience of freedom cannot be said to be
    • of freedom — free from competition — then it will
    • It must be able to reveal itself in full freedom, as a result
    • we can say, its kingdom, its federal day, its ministry, and the
    • This means that human labour becomes the dominant element in
    • relation to economic life, not dominated, not enslaved. This is
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture V: The Social Will as the Basis Towards a New, Scientific Procedure
    Matching lines:
    • social will and allow some superstitions to dominate. One can
    • old slavery prevailed, the old question of serfdom. In the
    • Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood. Whoever followed these ideas
    • in Freedom on the one side, which point to personal
    • which is expressed in the ideals of Freedom, Equality and
    • of freedom. Here everything should be based on the free
    • law? Now, when there was talk about the freedom of judges, was
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture VI: What Significance does Work have for the Modern Proletarian?
    Matching lines:
    • if it takes place in the light of true freedom. Everything
    • which can't develop in the light of true freedom stunts and
    • development of freedom of the spiritual life. If we accomplish
    • your understanding, out of freedom. I do believe that among you
  • Title: Lecture: Richard Wagner and Mysticism
    Matching lines:
    • either of clear or vague premonitions, in various domains of modern
    • the nature of Mysticism. In the first centuries of Christendom the
    • in the domain of true Mysticism, and it is purely in this sense that
    • uttered at random; they were indications of a deep and profound theory
    • domains. The great riddles of the universe were presented to those who
    • with their eyes, they also heard with their ears. Wisdom was presented
    • wisdom it was created. But first we must consider certain things which
    • God brooded over the face of the waters! The wisdom that lived on
    • actual expression of Nature's wisdom. Wisdom streamed into the men of
    • were endowed with clairvoyant powers. Wisdom was there in the mists
    • connection with Nature, wisdom is uniform among them, for they live
    • and breathe in a sphere of wisdom. This gives rise to brotherhood,
    • for each man perceives the same wisdom, each man lives in the soul
    • flowed out of the mists of old Atlantis. In those ancient times wisdom
    • was a wisdom that was common to all, a wisdom from which the element
    • of egoism was entirely absent. Now the age-old symbol of a wisdom that
    • human Ego. The universal Wisdom, once bestowed by Nature herself now
    • became a wisdom flowing from the Ego into human deeds and
    • element of wisdom common to all men in earlier times lived in water,
    • the old universal wisdom and they now forged the Ring which
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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Wisdom in the Early Christian Centuries
    Matching lines:
    • Spiritual Wisdom in the Early Christian Centuries
    • Spiritual Wisdom in the Early Christian Centuries
    • age when very much of the old Initiation-wisdom was still living in
    • men. And indeed there were many who applied their Initiation-wisdom
    • of the highest faculties of Initiation-wisdom.
    • Initiation-wisdom which had lived in Asia Minor, Northern Africa, in
    • evolution of Christendom people tried to cast into oblivion.
    • four centuries of Christendom — for example, of the way in which
    • deeper Mystery-wisdom, although this wisdom was still possessed by
    • to say about Indian wisdom. Nevertheless, if we ask for something
    • authoritative on the subject of Indian wisdom to-day we shall
    • nothing down was because they held that wisdom must be something
    • We learn, then, that by the time of Plato and Aristotle, wisdom was
    • universe. Great and sublime was the wisdom presented in the schools of
    • wisdom because it was still cultivated in many places during the first
    • four centuries after the Mystery of Golgotha. With this wisdom men
    • And now let me deal with another chapter of the wisdom taught by
    • This wisdom was well suited to bring about reconciliation between the
    • crown of wisdom was to understand how the Christ Being had entered
    • respect grows up within us. Profound wisdom was taught in the early
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  • Title: Community Building
    Matching lines:
    • in which Anthroposophy can become a sort of wisdom of life, how
    • opinion that the most complete freedom prevails. Many people in
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 1: Evolution and Consciousness, Lucifer, Ahriman
    Matching lines:
    • it. This provides the actual potential for the freedom of
    • human beings, a freedom where we do not feel that
    • kingdom became part of human nature. In those far distant
    • yet have the mineral kingdom within them. Their
    • includes the mineral kingdom. People tend to be
    • mineral kingdom is that this otherwise invisible
    • organization soaks up the mineral kingdom and the forces
    • the kingdom. I have a plant before me. It is an invisible
    • mineral kingdom. The result is that the mineral aspect
    • mineral kingdom, having absorbed the mineral kingdom and
    • been based on what we call the third elemental kingdom.
    • The mineral kingdom had the function to transform this
    • on the wisdom taught in the Christian faith. [
    • lecture. If the wisdom taught within the Christian faith
    • spoke about the wisdom taught within the Christian faith
    • the wisdom taught in Christianity.’ That is how we
    • predominantly into the sphere of the powers we call
    • beings have the freedom to develop on earth in such a way
    • freedom is such that people are indeed free to make
    • materialism come true for the human kingdom, that is,
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  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 2: East, West, and the Culture of Middle Europe, the Science of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • freedom can be the central principle. The people of Asia,
    • light of oriental wisdom, a wisdom of soul and spirit
    • Golgotha in the garb of oriental wisdom, a wisdom of soul
    • oriental wisdom is little understood by the people who
    • only interpreted in the light of the wisdom of spirit and
    • soul that belonged to the Orient. A new wisdom will have
    • oriental, pre-Christian Indian wisdom as something new.
    • as the dominant initiation science in the West.
    • our own wisdom with our fellow human beings. There is no
    • initiation wisdom can be directly communicated than by
    • genuine initiation wisdom of the present age will have to
    • initiation wisdom were not there to be found we could
    • initiation wisdom would depend on that initiation wisdom
    • initiation wisdom a colossal difference shows itself
    • initiation wisdom than in the situation where people talk
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 3: Political Empires
    Matching lines:
    • later to become the kingdom of Egypt quite naturally
    • earliest times to say: The kingdom of the divine is at
    • be told: ‘The Kingdom of the gods cometh not with
    • god’ and ‘there is no kingdom on this earth
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 4: Western Secret Societies, Jesuitism, Leninism
    Matching lines:
    • within the animal kingdom — I have often stressed
    • of this kind that exists within the whole animal kingdom,
    • was once instinctive wisdom given to humankind. Much of
    • that ancient wisdom has of course survived in the
    • humankind fear that original wisdom, and when they talk
    • everything from that ancient wisdom'. If they went into
    • Freedom [ Note 29 ] I
    • human freedom.
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 6: Materialism and Mysticism, Knowledge as a Deed of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • cloud formations, the contents of the three kingdoms
    • (mineral, plant and animal) and also the fourth kingdom,
    • the human kingdom, we must not look for anything material
    • kingdom is the highest on earth and because of this
    • I have shown that the wisdom involved in giving shape and
    • wisdom human individuals are able to produce in later
    • the full range of wisdom is what they write in their
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 7: Materialism, Mysticism, Anthroposophy, Liberalism, Conservatism
    Matching lines:
    • kingdoms. He would only perceive what goes on inside the
    • centuries for the sake of human freedom.
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 8: The Opposition of Knowledge and Faith, Its Overcoming
    Matching lines:
    • but they could not have achieved freedom, the ability to
    • less. To achieve freedom, human beings had to develop
    • wisdom to human knowledge and ultimately freedom —
    • humanity to achieve freedom. Efforts were indeed made in
    • the faculties that would lead to freedom, and for that
    • given through the mysteries. The Lucifer-dominated
    • share in the power of the gods.' The Lucifer-dominated
    • freedom, as it were. Essentially modern science still
    • supersensible world. In ancient times Lucifer-dominated
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 9: East, West, and Middle
    Matching lines:
    • where the original wisdom of humankind had its origin. An
    • wisdom that was revealed in the ancient Orient. Looking
    • wisdom of that culture took the form of representing the
    • wisdom in those times. Most of that ancient wisdom was
    • echo. To see the contents of that ancient oriental wisdom
    • echoed ancient oriental wisdom. Later the element began
    • is predominantly a Western product and, coming from the
    • extended by immediately ascending to the wisdom of the
    • been developed, if we consider the problem of freedom. In
    • my Philosophy of Freedom I have therefore
    • evolution: in the ancient Orient an instinctive wisdom,
    • wisdom. Political life as we know it did not yet exist.
    • Goetheanism must be extended to become mystery wisdom. It
    • has to be developed to grow into mystery wisdom.
    • the basis on which a mystery wisdom is developed, using
    • themselves if they give thought to mystery wisdom
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 11: Modern Science and Christianity, Threefold Social Order, Goetheanism
    Matching lines:
    • Finally it became mere word wisdom, but nevertheless it
    • beings. We have to think illogically. Freedom does not
    • we are then subject to the laws of logic. Freedom does
    • human freedom.’ Goethe was a more complex and
    • Golden King as the king of wisdom, the Silver King as the
  • Title: Life Between Two Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • kingdom, the crown of human nature. We can catch sight of this fourth
    • experiences within himself perfect spiritual freedom, and he henceforth
    • the regions, the animal kingdom, the plant cover, all this changes
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • and, if uncountered, it will become more dominant. Nor is there
    • raised to their dominant position to the detriment of mankind!
    • predominated in mid-Europe for a long time, coming to a
    • freedom of soul. Men must first regain that quality: the last
    • and that outside of him are the three natural kingdoms, the
    • the three kingdoms as outside of themselves, because their view
    • of the kingdoms of nature was essentially different. In earlier
    • which he looks at the three kingdoms, knowing that, as he is
    • three kingdoms of the Angeloi, Archangeloi and Archai. The
    • look up to the realm of these three spiritual kingdoms. Our
    • physical body has a relation to the three natural kingdoms, our
    • kingdoms of nature, so also, we alter our relation to the three
    • kingdoms of Hierarchies which stand above us. I want to
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • developing farther. Seldom nowadays do we find people with grey
    • listen to other men, in course of acquiring world dominion),
    • plant, and mineral kingdoms, is also connected in his spiritual
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness of what forces are dominant and active in our
    • differences of creeds, hitherto dominant amongst civilized
    • directions. From the spirit the truth will come. Wisdom lies in
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Main Features of the Social Question and the Threefold Order of the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • position, no longer confined by a social order dominated, at
    • former leading and dominant class has the practical experience
    • contrast between the attitude of soul of the dominant classes
    • from a spiritual point of view, the outcome of the dominant
    • life and the domain of public rights, this latter
    • equality rules, neither freedom nor fraternity can exist. These
    • dominated by the three great ideals of “Liberty,
    • sway, but the independent spiritual life will be the domain of
    • “Fraternity” will hold dominion in the
    • certainly in inner freedom and independence —

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