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  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
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    • of all, permit me to raise one point in advance, that should
    • Plato, tried to answer this question: how should human beings
    • they could say to themselves: if a human should strive through
    • something very positive! This image should make it fully clear,
    • weaving throughout the world, so he said: how should one then
    • turns around to say: maybe one should consider more like
    • experience to which we wanted to refer-, one should rather say
    • accessible to him/her. Maybe we should ask ourselves here: what
    • perfect human being. This should not be understood at all
    • through saying this. But it should be repeated, what was once
    • what I will now set out here, I should have to speak for
    • investigation, truly oppressive. So what should one then
    • and leads us into the actual facts that should not be
    • Now reference should only be made to this, that in this
    • be evil? Because we should be spiritual beings! Because we must
    • should not use the features that make you into an evil human
    • should be stated today, that people are wrong if they believe
    • should belong solely in the spirit world.
    • souls: we should not be deceived about this. Yes, the humans,
    • should penetrate into cultural development for the salvation of
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  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 1: Popular Occultism, Introtroduction
    Matching lines:
    • of man is the astral body. At first, it should be studied more from
    • images, examples, and so forth. The child's visible environment should
    • We should endeavor to sharpen and develop the child's senses. His fantasy
    • should be stimulated. Consequently, a child should not be given beautifully
    • finished things to play with. He should instead make something for himself,
    • becomes free, and for this reason we should now begin to exercise an
    • to fourteenth year we should therefore work upon his memory and develop
    • the child should be given images in parables and we should work upon
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 2: Man's Ascent into the Supersensible World
    Matching lines:
    • should bear in mind is that the outer worlds are not to be found in other
    • a tiger that attacks them. This is how all these wild shape should be
    • it. Of course, this does not imply that we should long for the things
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 3: The Different Conditions of Man's Life After Death
    Matching lines:
    • the images of the astral world. This also shows you why we should strive
    • is therefore a necessary deviation. We should enjoy the beauty of the
    • purest, spiritual love. The soul should transform every experience and
    • We should strive, above all, to change our temperament to a certain
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 4: The Devachanic World
    Matching lines:
    • Today I should give you
    • world, between death and a new birth. We should not think of this world
    • the facts pertaining to this world. We should moreover, bear in mind
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 8: The Evolution of Man and of the Solar System; the Atlantic Evolution
    Matching lines:
    • epoch. Noah (“Bringer of Peace”) should be looked upon as
  • Title: Popular Occultism: Lecture 9: Lemurian Development
    Matching lines:
  • Title: i Spirituality: Lecture 1: Historical Symptomology, the Year 790, Alcuin, Greeks, Platonism, Aristotelianism, East, West, Middle, Ego
    Matching lines:
    • from real knowledge. This is one fact which, in a certain sense, I should like to mention as
    • should like to mention for its importance is the following. At the beginning of the nineteenth
    • stipulating that history should be treated in such a way that one would not only consider the
    • perception of the world should be directed to significant points and then, from what could be
    • truly scientific must follow from this `I am'. One should be able, as it were, to deduce, to read
    • why should people go to someone else for what one needs as a world-view other than to the person
    • so that real provision is made for a new culture that should be presented everywhere in the
    • then, after a comparatively short time, we will ask: Should we give up? And we shall have to give
    • this kind should work. That is all pointless. I attach no value to programmes or to statutes but
    • individual, to convince possibly hundreds and hundreds of people, why should one not be able in a
    • Thus Charlemagne once wanted to know from Alcuin what should be made of
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 2: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 1
    Matching lines:
    • premature path of development and who should only appear in the form of humanity at a later stage
    • One should not think in an abstract way that
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 3: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 2
    Matching lines:
    • of the older development of humanity, but I should like to draw your attention to a few things.
    • the sense-world — for our physical world — soul and spirit should be made manifest by
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 4: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 3
    Matching lines:
    • is profundity in intellectual form transformed into ideas. But should one take it just one step
    • organism, one should be under no illusion that the economic thinking of the present is a
    • should give way and to give way where resistance is called for. The remarkable forgetting of what
    • one can say: There is the urge to resist where one should give way and to give way where
    • will come from the present chaos. People should not believe that one can somehow progress by
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 5: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 4
    Matching lines:
    • bloodline, his descent, was. the outer sign that this was how it should be. There could be no
    • Every day one should keep an ever-watchful eye on
    • galvanized. For just as today no one should be proud of what he gains from ordinary science
    • — so, too, no one should be proud of what he can gain from the old economic life by way of
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 6: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 5
    Matching lines:
    • ancient times decisions were made as to what should happen in the social life according to what
    • understand the development of the universities. How have the universities developed? One should
    • should be in the position to comprehend once again the whole being of humanity. Above all, it is
    • significance in our modern time and, in fact, there should be no more teaching without insight
    • towards the East — where remnants of the troops who carried the war on their shoulders
  • Title: New Spirituality: Lecture 7: The New Spirituality and the Christ Experiance of the Twentieth Century - 6
    Matching lines:
    • should now like to describe, although I have done so in different ways and at different times
    • we hear the demand that man should stand solely on the basis of his own being. This comes forward
    • as, I should say, a fundamental social demand. Side by side with the inability of the science of
    • man be able to raise himself to an existence worthy of the human being: that he should be able to
    • jurisprudence and similar branches of teaching. Modern humanity should take note of this fact.
    • nursery. If so, he should stay with his spiritism and mediums and keep away from things he does
    • one cannot find Christ through spiritual science but only through the Gospels. Now someone should
    • just ask this hobgoblin: Which Gospel? One should ask him: What have you done to the Gospels with
    • of the age. This spirit of our age should be a spirit of expectation; the spirit which, out of
  • Title: Abbreviated Title: Lecture I:
    Matching lines:
    • But the following question should burn, as it were, in our souls:
    • quite specific conditions. You should consider deeply that our life between
    • of which we will that it should enter the spiritual development of earthly
    • are raised, the following should be born in mind. Imagine that these are
  • Title: Talk To Young People:
    Matching lines:
    • Nevertheless we should look at the
    • fate decreed that I should step out of my door just at that moment,
    • grade, I should listen to him. “All of us High School students want
    • for nature, we should develop the most elementary forces within
    • Newssheet] concerning youthful sagacity, something that should not be
    • a Youth Section should be; we hoped to hear what thoughts were
    • imagine the world and humanity should be by 1935, if what you are now
    • Shouldn't youth find its way to youth? If this anthroposophical
    • shouldn't one have a bit of anthroposophy while there instead of band
    • Archangel Michael. To do this, however, young people should learn to
    • continually sleeping when we should be awake. It is just not in our
    • shadow. What should we do? — not think out something to be done one
    • this should not be just a phrase. Let us be awake to the fact that
    • our new hearts should be aware of the world in quite a different way
    • enthusiasm. It comes down to this: we should not only learn to sit
    • down but we should learn to stand up. Nietzsche had an apt phrase for
    • friends! It should overpower us so completely that we keep our coats
    • enthusiasm we should feel compelled to
  • Title: "Heaven and Earth will pass away but my words will not pass away"
    Matching lines:
    • should produce a vegetable kingdom; in the depths of their souls they
    • referring to the physical earth, not to souls). And should anyone
    • the features of the Christ, Lucifer, and Ahriman. Should anyone attempt
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture I: Tree of Life - I
    Matching lines:
    • One should see, for instance, how
    • legends. I should like but to point to one thing, and that is,
    • One should imagine for once the immense,
    • Mystery of Golgotha should not be grasped through wisdom; they were
    • should have experienced the after-working of the dried up, fading
    • at one time to overcome this dying knowledge. I should like to give
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture II: Tree of Life - II
    Matching lines:
    • that we should have had a different knowledge of things if the
    • the Jahve-Godhead that on awaking he should possess in his etheric
    • described should dip down into both the etheric body and the physical
    • development of life that should come today through the world-concept
    • intention of the Jahve Divinities guiding earthly evolution, I should
    • should have entered in the course of human earthly evolution or of
    • night's experience, and I should then have to draw the night's
    • world. We should really live it through, if we could continue it
    • been realised, then we should have a quite different science from
    • what we now have. We should have a science that was really a living
    • us, where, moreover, we should know that concepts which we form
    • described; for during the night we should see clearly all that we
    • should know that it was all elemental living beings. That is what we
    • should know. From falling asleep to waking up we should know that
    • — I should say, have philosophised
    • awaking? We should possess in our day consciousness the whole
    • should bring the whole spiritual world into our day consciousness and
    • lived through in the night. We should not be able to have the sort of
    • consciousness in the way described we should approach things in quite
    • day, then we should combine each day experience with what has stayed
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  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture III: The Power of Thought
    Matching lines:
    • for meditation; for meditation should be a familiarising oneself with
    • of the thought. That the thought accomplishes something in us should
    • thought. One should become at home in the thought-world as if one
    • ‘I should still have much to write but all the
    • is indeed how this Building should be formed, according to the tasks
    • in order to know how he should act. From the gods,
    • was anxious that the Consuls should no longer be chosen as they had
    • been up to then, but that the office should be transmitted through
    • element should take anchor in the material of the blood. He had no
    • philosophy been closed we should have possessed the living Plato, not
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture IV: Harmonizing Thinking, Feeling and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • the human being drawn schematically, we should first be concerned
    • And what is it for Lucifer himself, that what he should have
    • been misled by Luciferic beings in the way referred to, we should not
    • relate thinking to ourselves as we do now, but we should look back to
    • temptation in the sense of the divine spiritual beings we should
    • following is what we should experience: If we call that (see diagram)
    • e earthly-perceived-sense world, we should then have the in us, i.e.,
    • the earth- contents, and we should not, as we do now, form concepts
    • of the Earth-content, but we should say instead; All that we have in
    • of thought. We should feel in connection with the past existing in
    • the present, and should see through the Luciferic deceptive picture
    • In feeling and willing he should see — as the
    • spirit-light shining within feeling and will; then we should have an
    • spirit-light of the world. We should have a direct vision of the
    • those who approach more closely to Spiritual Science a way should
    • should know that what we call existence is not something that
    • then we should realises there lies the corpse of what still appears
    • and spoke with us, so, on looking at the earth we should look back on
    • the earnest endeavour of Spiritual Science that we should be led out
    • Lucifer we should really only be organised as Earthly men, to use our
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  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture V: Tree of Knowledge - I
    Matching lines:
    • should like to put together various things today which will give us
    • worm should suddenly come out and see the sun, he could discover that
    • should like to show that our inner soul life has taken on quite
    • sun to shine from the midst of the earth, we should see nothing of
    • the objects which are upon the earth. We should then say:
    • Light,’ but we should not separate the individual
    • objects, we should not see them. Thus something else still is
    • should have to say: You will become as gods, your senses will be
    • Luciferic quality was not active in us, we should see that our world
  • Title: Tree of Life/Knowledge: Lecture VI: Tree of Knowledge - II
    Matching lines:
    • into us of Lucifer's activity. We should never be angry, for
    • instance, or frightened, we should never hate, never believe
    • — none of this should we be able to do. If Lucifer
    • we should not at once be arrogant and pooh-pooh this reproach, but
    • should see its justification, its relative justification.
  • Title: World Downfall and Resurrection
    Matching lines:
    • create something for which the books should be only a
    • should properly have been sought. Men ought to have recognised
  • Title: Lecture: Philosophy and Anthroposophy
    Matching lines:
    • should realize that no external measures, but only a thorough knowledge of
    • that we should really feel the resistance of the two obstacles which human
    • ideal of Natural Science. Yet it is essential that we should, in the face
    • experience, but we should at the same time feel that the distance between
    • of Natural Science should give us occasion to make this experience. We must
    • the world should retain, and therefore lapses into dilettantism.
    • without good historical reason that it should be precisely this philosopher
    • Scholasticism, it should be clearly understood that no philosophical
    • accepted by orthodox Catholic philosophy; neither should we be intimidated
    • world should have been grasped by thought. But the next development was not
    • chasm was opened, it was only natural that knowledge and faith should be
    • thinking should also become the victims of this breach occasioned by
    • deaf and purblind fool” that should have naught to do with spiritual
    • assertion which should not be assumed a priori. He replied that one need
    • respect of our cognition, it is essential that we should grasp the
    • should induce us to accept this conception. That experience is meant,
    • we have first carefully prepared. It is necessary that we should have the
    • clarity and keenness of thought; that we should be aware of what we are
    • It is necessary that philosophy, with its conceptual system, should work
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture I: The Pedagogy of the West and of Central Europe: The Inner Attitude of the Teacher
    Matching lines:
    • last year I should like to add something about the teacher himself, about
    • teacher should be taken quite aphoristically. It would indeed be best if it
    • especially teachers whose attention should be drawn to the fact
    • should be drawn: the teacher must really have a deep feeling for the nature
    • is true is true, what is right is right, and that it should be possible to
    • nonetheless it will become clear to you. I should have to say a great deal
    • matters among other topics that they should utilize the habits of thought
    • opinion that object lessons should be so handled that they would lead over
    • science. What, according to this, should be done in school? We should teach
    • the peculiar thing is, that we should be striving today for precisely the
    • we were to follow the Spencerian axiom. For nobody should become a botanist
    • or zoologist because of what he learns in elementary school. A man should
    • truthfully, if we were to ask ourselves whether we should be more on the
    • in teaching, one should never proceed from the abstract, but always from
    • the concrete — one should always elaborate a subject
    • that we shouldn't introduce things to the child which are foreign to his
    • education should have its foundation in genuine empathy with the child's
    • nature, that it should be built up in the widest sense on a knowledge of
    • perception itself would spring awareness of how we should proceed. In this
    • carve according to the principles laid down there, so should it be quite
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  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture II: The Three Fundamental Forces in EducatioN
    Matching lines:
    • all the intellectual speculation as to what you should do. The feelings
    • are matters we should consider carefully; they show us what feelings we
    • should develop. If our reverence grows, as we cultivate our connection and
    • help you understand the matter still better, I should just like to mention
    • This too we should know when we do eurythmy: there is always in the etheric
    • This feeling should really permeate us through the whole of our elementary
    • incorporate art and education, then we should have to create
    • should have the feeling, that insofar as you are simply a scientist you are
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture III: Spiritual Knowledge of Man as the Fount of Educational Art
    Matching lines:
    • should be taken in from outside in a particular form, and acquire their
    • organism are connected with memory, and we should pay attention to these,
    • soul has a restless night in the spiritual world when the person should be
    • can see these things as an indication that we should look at the marvellous
  • Title: Meditative Knowledge of Man: Lecture IV: The Art of Education Consists of Bringing Into Balance the Physical and Spiritual Nature of the Developing Human Being
    Matching lines:
    • the spiritual worlds comes into this one, I should like to say on wings of
    • — all education and teaching should
    • ego's incorporation in the human organism should be guided through an
    • the meaning of things. On the other hand, should I notice that the child is
    • should a child be in danger of becoming fanciful through lessons in
    • this important fact in various connections before, but I should like to
    • there movement is our native element. Should we want to continue this
    • teacher, I should like to say as a real soul habit, then the following will
    • learn another thing when you see him clearly from behind. One should derive
    • structure of his back, his hunched shoulders, the way in which he moved his
  • Title: Social Understanding: Lecture II: Social Understanding Through Spiritual Scientific Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • everything should be changed as long as nothing changes and everything
  • Title: Buddha and the Two Boys: Lecture II: The Gospels, Buddha and the Two Boys of Jesus
    Matching lines:
    • what we are looking for within the spiritual-scientific research should not
    • be taken from any document; it should not approach us as something handed
    • should be added. Only by this meeting could that individuality appear which
    • these certain qualities of the people. If the Zarathustra should embody
  • Title: Lecture: Art As A Bridge Between The Sensible And The Supersensible
    Matching lines:
    • concerned other matters than cultural life itself. And it should not be
    • spirituality. I recently emphasized here once again that one should not
    • should in fact imbue us inwardly and resonate throughout our entire life:
    • reality, a work of art should have nothing in common with such a mere
    • reproduction. It should be anything but like the original. He could not
    • materialism on a historical level. [It should perhaps be noted that, in
    • god on earth. But it should be remembered that German culture had not
    • that, nothing else is implied than that we should train ourselves to
    • inner tolerance. It should interest us, what is conceived by another soul
    • quite differently than what we ourselves have thought. For we should have
    • that need to change in our time. We should cultivate the devoted attitude
    • In our time, people should take account of such aberrations and break
    • accomplish what he should accomplish; and if he says, he cannot, he does
    • do. It should constantly be kept in mind just how easy it is to claim
  • Title: Raphael's Mission in the Light of the Science of the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • reflection. But it should not be taken as a mere symbolic mode
    • should like to characterize, not in a dull manner, but as
    • in regard to the world-famous picture in Dresden. And I should
    • we should not think that the Christian ideas could appear to us
    • At his point I should like to say, one senses something in
  • Title: Leonardo's Spiritual Stature: Lecture
    Matching lines:
    • course of time! [It should be noted that from 1978 to 1999,
    • should be mentioned that the duke had not only appointed him as
    • could not see why a painter should not be able to paint such a
    • the external means were wholly inadequate. Should he in fact
    • should never violate the truth of the impression with respect
    • What I wanted to put forward today should not be presented in
    • theories! In all it is capable of, spiritual science should
  • Title: Fairy Tales: in the light of Spiritual Investigation
    Matching lines:
    • (If I were to say all that I should like to say about the
    • However, it should not be supposed that these events taking
    • factor I should like to add here. I am able to establish
    • Before briefly outlining the fairy tale, I should like to say
  • Title: The Worldview of Herman Grimm in Relation to Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • its kind. However, these should be read by those who
    • grew out of her arms, other shining arms, out of her shoulders,
    • gleaming new shoulders. And lifting these arms toward Arthur's
    • his works, Reinhold Steig. And I should like also, in
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • Central Europe, history should not be studied based on abstract
    • One should not analyze, but look
    • Symbols should also be viewed in
    • their historical context. It should be clear that outward appearances
    • east. These historical signs are also real symbols which we should
    • pay attention to. And we should pay attention to the realities
  • Title: Imperialism: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • human form should or should not do this or that made no sense. In
    • should take with them, that now, in this worldwide important historic
    • would like to say: Every morning we should bear this in mind very
    • seriously and all activities should be organized according to this
    • should advance, certainly, for himself, but only so mankind can
    • advance through him. I cannot say that often enough. It should be
    • added to those things I said should be thought about every morning.
    • hindrance. We should ask ourselves why this is so. It is very
    • important. And above all we should not think that the sharpest powers
    • known to you, so that you should never say to yourself: We have
    • blacklist should be simply shot down or, as they say, rendered
    • think, and we should not ignore the seriousness of the times, but
    • should realize that we are only at the beginning of these things
    • progress. And that we should never, without neglecting our
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture I: Anthroposophy and Natural Science
    Matching lines:
    • one form into another, so thoughts should also take on other
    • possible, but that one should try and penetrate with this into
    • certain areas only, or whether it should be applied as the one
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture II: The Human and the Animal Organisation
    Matching lines:
    • who should be, to some degree, the crown of creation, and the
    • take part in the subconscious? Why should — I say this as a
    • through the entire organism and why should the subconscious
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture III: Anthroposophy and Philosophy
    Matching lines:
    • in the rising scientific world view sees what should be taking
    • science which should present a general world view, right from
    • appeared the belief that the entire spiritual world should be
    • these beliefs should develop free from all scientific
    • separate sciences should create the totality of teaching. This
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture IV: Anthroposophy and Pedagogy
    Matching lines:
    • coloured theory assumes that the bodily-physical should form
    • means not the entire education should be put down to what is
    • cultural impulse, something which should only come into
    • substantiality. In the child's surroundings we should not give
    • should show that Anthroposophy doesn't want to be radically
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture V: Anthroposophy and Social Science
    Matching lines:
    • should be judged according to whether they fit into old party
    • attractive, but it should first be asked how we can enhance the
    • as illustration to what should happen; because just as I have
    • it should be something like that.
    • be modified by contemporary market trends, or should modify the
    • an illustration, and discuss it for hours, while it should be
    • should have said: social ideas or social thoughts, because the
  • Title: Impulse for Renewal: Lecture VI: Anthroposophy and Theology
    Matching lines:
    • writings should not be applied, but it comes down to quite a
    • speak about radically, should not be misunderstood.
  • Title: Impulse of Renewal: Lecture VII: Anthroposophy and the Science of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • should simply have been parallel, in quite a different way for
    • should be clear about one thing. With nature observation the
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 1
    Matching lines:
    • humanity and this fact should not cause us to undervalue those
    • should be. For many still don't think correctly about the
    • your souls what should stand over our School as a kind of
    • And it should also make us conscious of that fact that although
    • speaks, telling us how we should be and what we must set aside
    • appropriate seriousness, no one should seek what lies beyond
    • seriousness, we should be aware of how at first softly, most
    • all those who consider themselves members of this School should
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 2
    Matching lines:
    • first sensation should make us aware of how the human being, in
    • What we should feel at the abyss of being between the maya, the
    • illusion, and the real world, should appear before our souls as
    • This earnestness should not be expressed as sentimentality.
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 3
    Matching lines:
    • It's about the path one should follow in thought, the path
    • spiritual world. And we should not say that when someone
    • should not say: Let's leave gaining entrance into the spiritual
    • existence with their senses. Rather should one say: When even
    • something which should be borne in mind especially by those who
    • as shattering events, illness and the like. He shouldn't
    • we know how we should not enter the spiritual world.
    • other words which tell us what we should do. At this
    • that they instruct us what should enter into our thinking,
    • the verse should also be threefold which should flow into us in
    • Selfhood as such should revere
    • Selfhood as such should revere
    • selfhood as such should revere
    • should we do all this? Well, in earth-life initially we have
    • Selfhood as such should revere
    • Your selfhood then should well consider
    • into thought; now selfhood should “consider”. The
    • Your selfhood then should well consider
    • Selfhood as such should revere
    • Your selfhood then should well consider
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  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 4
    Matching lines:
    • should be understood as merely in preparation for a
    • renewed for what is to be received. Everything should be new
    • remembering. That does not mean that tomorrow you should
    • remember nothing of what is said to you today. But you should
    • not preserve it in your memory alone. You should wait and see
    • what your memory makes of it. What should lead you to me
    • tomorrow in a new attitude, however, should be your feelings,
    • the innermost feelings of your soul; they should preserve what
    • time it approaches you it should be relived without the help of
    • truths we should not think: Oh, I know that already. For the
    • than where memory has its roots, is where we should grasp and
    • engendered through thinking. Such feelings should be developed
    • merely pours through our understanding, when it should immerse
    • souls to hear much. But we should not jump to the conclusion
    • and should be relayed to the world. We will need much time,
    • with ourselves. We should develop the idea that the esoteric
    • and the third a spondaic rhythm. We should feel as though we
    • trochaic rhythm, and we should understand how this rhythm,
    • Selfhood as such should revere
    • syllable and rises to a stressed one. We should feel it:
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 5
    Matching lines:
    • being, should not remain with your soul in your body; with the
    • sun's first light of dawn you yourself should shine down on the
    • earth, you should set with the sun's afterglow, and encircle
    • aware of the true nature of thinking. Therefore we should
    • warmth. All human feeling should be lost to humanity and soaked
    • Why should I do that to myself, approaching the Guardian of the
    • when the question: What should I do with such truths? is asked.
    • asked me how they should act in respect to the dead who have
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 6
    Matching lines:
    • Therefore, man should be aware during his earthly life that he
    • should find the right relation to these elements, feel his
    • we should not be human, but vegetables. And our feelings, which
    • stunted angel soul would take its place. We should listen to
    • shouldn't even dare to think of entering into this element
    • lessons, my dear friends. You should not understand the things
    • School should be seen as having been founded by the spiritual
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 7
    Matching lines:
    • Therefore, whatever a member of the School does should have the
    • should feel responsible that every word we speak is tested to
    • will feel the Guardian's words as they should affect the human
    • you should then try, after letting these mantric verses work on
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 8
    Matching lines:
    • can and should be obtained for our present time directly from
    • active member wishes to distribute, should write to the
    • This makes clear how serious membership in this School should
    • should.
    • Whoever will not do this, who thinks that one should be silent
    • should therefore try to better understand and bring closer the
  • Title: First Class, Vol. I: Lesson 9
    Matching lines:
    • Firstly, we humans should in later life be more like we were to
    • bound to the earth as a human being, then I should add feeling
    • should set the earth in motion so that like a planet I
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 10
    Matching lines:
    • esoteric striving. And we should treasure the fact that healthy
    • of esoteric striving. It should not be overlooked. For when one
    • consider appropriate for you. But you should apply them
    • We should
    • though it still speaks more to the head, the heart should also
    • should really be experienced as remembrance of speech and
    • conclusion I would like to say one more thing. It should not
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 11
    Matching lines:
    • My dear sisters and brothers, we should never give up
    • yellow]. And he should become aware that when he speaks his I
    • which the godly beings themselves speak, and should let
    • And these words should be:
    • We should try to attain such an ideal setting, that is,
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 12
    Matching lines:
    • Therefore more and more real indications should be given to
    • mind, the soul should imagine itself as being perfectly silent.
    • But the soul should also imagine itself to already be on the
    • that we should listen to the admonishment of the being from the
    • That is third. First we should see the radiance of the senses, then
    • should listen to what the being from the rank of Kyriotetes
    • Basically, we should even avoid thinking about such things
    • attitude. We should only think about what has been presented
    • related to this remembering, should we even think of these
    • And we therefore should achieve the inner mental attitude
    • and holy and that these things should only be spoken internally
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 13
    Matching lines:
    • ranks of the Archai. So we should imagine this mantric verse
    • was also set forth and which should also be felt and
    • spiritually perceived. We should ignore the fact that we are
    • saying it; we should transpose ourselves into the situation I
    • brothers, that you should go out into the world of triviality
    • power of meditation. We should always be able to say to
    • should feel that the meditation is present, that we were once
    • different, we should have become a different person. Having
    • We should live into meditative life in such a way
    • forget that we are meditants, then we should feel as ashamed
    • with people. We should experience the transition from
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 14
    Matching lines:
    • should realize that these beasts are the outer reflections of
    • The Guardian of the Threshold calls out to us, we should turn
    • No one should recoil from meditatively calling to mind again and
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 15
    Matching lines:
    • esoteric, in any spiritual science, should not tempt us to
    • As true adherents of spiritual science, we should
    • feel that we are a part of the world around us. But we should
    • the world in the right way – we can and should be
    • as we are in the spiritual world we should be one with this
    • spiritual world; when we come back we should live as real
    • earthly beings, for only with the spirit should we wish to be
    • beatitude forever, which we should only possess during the
    • surroundings we do not stand alone. We should learn to feel
    • By means of these mantras, we should become aware
    • They admonish us that we should be conscious of how the
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 16
    Matching lines:
    • wishes to belong to the School should present himself in life
    • should not be taken as a restriction on human freedom, my
    • had previously made clear to us how we should comport
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 17
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world should recall the impression from the sensory
    • wish. And those who are already members of the Class should make
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 18
    Matching lines:
    • which we should belong — can take possession of the names
    • how they should guide human souls, because humans think. Then
    • should be heard today in the esoteric schools. They should
    • should already have heard here. They don't understand it. When
    • through the teachings of Christ men should protect themselves
  • Title: First Class, Vol. II: Lesson 19
    Matching lines:
    • enter the esoteric realm, we should first feel that the
    • We should feel how we ourselves go through all
    • this in the spiritual world. We should always keep looking
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XX (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • stage. We should therefore consider this lesson of today in
    • my dear friends, we should be aware that the Michael impulse
    • should be here.
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXI (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • says. He draws our attention to how we should feel about our
    • Guardian now indicates to us how we should further feel about
    • thinking, how we should not feel it as a being; for then we are
    • then we should revere the leading beings of the higher
    • towards seeming. We should now submerge into seeming, into a
    • There we should ponder in this interweaving of our own being in
    • weaving cosmic ether; there we should ponder the living power
    • Then we should submerge in the will, which we feel to be the
    • should turn our lives towards it. It is filled with the power
    • of the cosmic spirit. Our own being should grasp the cosmic
    • Selfhood being should revere the
    • The selfhood, it should then ponder
    • Your own self should truly grasp
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • After he first showed us how we should stand in respect to our
    • strength; how, however, we should understand that not only what
    • Selfhood's being should revere the
    • Your selfhood then should understand
    • Your life in full should turn to it:
    • Your inner Self should truly grasp
    • Selfhood's being should revere the
    • Your selfhood then should understand
    • Your life in full should turn to it:
    • Your inner self should truly grasp
    • which we should not only receive its content, but rather with
    • our whole feeling we should enter into the weave and life of
    • Selfhood's being should revere the
    • Selfhood's being should revere the
    • next verse is the opposite: Now we should rise with our feeling
    • Your selfhood then should understand
    • Your selfhood then should understand
    • Your life in full should turn to it:
    • Your inner self should truly grasp
    • Your life in full should turn to it:
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIII (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • end of this lesson. They should also describe the conditions
    • what this Michael-School should mean:
    • Guardian of the Threshold teaches us that we should do this,
    • inner meaning with which we should unite ourselves in
    • to the planets. He points out to us how we should feel about
    • “O man, know thyself” should be seen as nine rays
    • That is how we should feel. And, in a certain sense, we should
    • wants to receive them should not request them; it would serve
    • should even the hint of bureaucracy exist. Everything must be
    • alive, just as it should be in the Anthroposophical
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXIV (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • what we should strive for as human beings in order to achieve
    • gradually find the transition to living thinking, we should
    • feeling we should look out to the cosmic reaches, and to gain
    • an idea of the nature of will we should look to the world's
    • Guardian of the Threshold indicates to us how we should walk in
    • He admonishes us that we should feel this way when we tread the
    • fluid element, in the world of the water-beings, that we should
    • not be aware of fear of our own Self, but we should be aware of
    • should comport ourselves in respect to the outer world.
    • should the verses live, which have been given through Michael's
    • this School should only live within the School and not outside
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXV (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • should then intensely feel how our heart, the physical
    • should concentrate on this line in order to sense the mantric
    • them should ask. So, if one wants to have the verses, he must
    • go to someone who has them legitimately. The latter should then
  • Title: First Class Lessons: Lesson XXVI (recapitulation)
    Matching lines:
    • now, and should do so in the future.
    • world, from where the revelations come which should live in the
    • someone has made such an error, he should not excuse himself by
    • esoteric school should stream out to the whole anthroposophical
    • movement. For only then will this School be what it should be
    • it should not happen, because obviously, people today must be
    • Dornach for personal pleasure he should admit it and not
    • for personal pleasure, in fact it is good. But one should admit
    • beginning to be light, we should begin to look back on what we
    • that then arises we should consider as what comes over from
    • Therefore, you should meditate on this picture that I have
    • Guardian of the Threshold indicates to us that we should look
    • during sleep. Now we should observe the will in the limbs as
    • asleep. We should see this as a firm mental image. Then, when
    • should loom over everything given in this School:
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture I: The True Form of the Social Question
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • consciousness’ one should take less into account that it points
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture II: Comparisons at Solving the Social Question based on Life's Realities
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • organism, where awareness should have become as necessary as
    • spiritual life; it should be everything flowing into the social
    • accomplished, while others may well raise a shoulder, that it
    • organism. The three members should not be an abstract,
    • they should be living reality and through their lively activity
    • to the security and equality of people, should be separated
    • should happen from one day to the next, but a direction in
    • which all single measures of public and private life should be
    • war catastrophe should now clearly reveal what is necessary for
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture III: Fanaticism Versus a Real Conception of Life in Social Thinking and Willing
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • which should be brought about?’ — From their point of
    • virtues, how they should relate through love with their fellow
    • which should arise from the national economy, these instincts
    • incidentally nothing at all should be said against the
    • This fanaticism should contrast itself with real truthful
    • This soul-spiritual power which should enter into humanity's
    • it is not being examined — that what should consist in a
    • of this people should be saying: in the next ten to twenty
    • life's branches should be conceived with social understanding,
    • social organism that the worker should not carry his labour to
    • bare seven state laws which should have remained independent.
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture IV: The Evolution of Social Thinking and Willing and Life's Circumstances for Current Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • These people asked: What kind of system of laws should actually
    • theoretical one sidedness. Should one try to prove in how many
    • more closely, the tendency to use people and should the
    • prejudice of how a constitutional state should be formed. What
    • questions can be raised to those who should know these things,
    • who should have done research about these things which are
    • jurisdiction should have been there; when despite the language
    • what they should not becoming dependent on if the spiritual
    • of it, which should be taken from true reality, distanced from
    • of the three members which should have reached a
    • into one single system took place, a system which should have
    • necessary and what must be said should be a valid impulse for
    • what this empire should have done, to place corresponding
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture V: The Social Will as the Basis Towards a New, Scientific Procedure
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • uniform abstract formulation, should be seen in a threefold
    • allowing it to flow into a fuller friendship which it should
    • acknowledge the entire scope of this fact one should not only
    • — You should not consider her formulation but what kind
    • strong trust, we have entered into an inheritance which should
    • the widest sense. If the spiritual life member should be
    • should anyone who hears about mass regulation immediately think
    • should in no way be taken in their future development to the
    • in future, when the social organism should be viable, also have
    • to address how production should take place, how the
    • circulation of goods should take its course. When this
    • schooling should include being equipped with a social will,
    • just as much as one should be equipped with the multiplication
    • tables. Today every person should know what three times three
    • to choose something out of today's life. It should not be more
    • initiatives, and Equality on the other side, which should be
    • It should be completely permeated with the idea, the principle,
    • of freedom. Here everything should be based on the free
    • means that those who use people in the economic process, should
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: The Social Question: Lecture VI: What Significance does Work have for the Modern Proletarian?
    Matching lines:
    • present-day humans. He expresses how the social will should be the
    • should be. This has been achieved in a way, by state life. On
    • relationship to what the minds of the time should have striven
    • social situation, should form the base for this modern
    • proletarian consciousness. This should have been considered
    • People who do not agree with this should really not be resented
    • and that this progress should really be striven for — and
    • continue into the future, that it should be conquered. There
    • in a healthy social organism such a three-foldness should take
    • every other person. Where all people should be equal is
    • immediately become clear about what should be clarified in this
    • another, where they should be equal; it is today already
    • impoverished. The remedy should be sought in the correct basis
    • stage where it should penetrate the human soul and take its
    • on what it certainly should rest, while nothing else works in
    • agrees as to their honest claims which should be the claims of
    • something to the bourgeoisie, that it should sound different to
  • Title: Lecture: Richard Wagner and Mysticism
    Matching lines:
    • Such words must not be analysed by the intellect. We should rather try
    • be. It is quite natural that Wagner's stage characters should be
    • phantasy and clairvoyant faculties, of legend and myth. Nor should we
    • with the greatest delicacy; we should try to get at the whole mood and
  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Wisdom in the Early Christian Centuries
    Matching lines:
    • It is strange that a man like Franz Brentano should have inherited
    • on the history of philosophy. Those of you who are interested should
    • after all inevitable. Necessary as it was that for a season men should
  • Title: Community Building
    Matching lines:
    • to build for it a home center of its own, which should be
    • should come about to erect a building for the Anthroposophical
    • facts upon which we should earnestly fix the eyes of our souls
    • should not be recognized within this circle as they present
    • needs to be said; but not everything can lie said. 1 should
    • than they are viewed elsewhere. We should simply not be
    • community building should become especially manifest in our
    • should be permeated by the true power of the Christ, a
    • the community. What should we be if we had to pass one another
    • children. Just imagine the ideal instance: that anyone should
    • descriptions I should like to give you some indication of the
    • of life and the discussion of these, they should come to the
    • that should rule among us.
    • The result would be that we should have the old
    • Anthroposophical Society, and we should have on the other hand
    • better, nevertheless, if this should result as the hopeless
    • dear friends, you should not, however, overlook the fact that
    • less silent. I should wish that the two gentlemen of the
    • wish that he should devote himself to the Central Executive
    • — I should wish that the two other gentlemen of the
  • Title: Community Building
    Matching lines:
    • should certainly have been glad if I could have spoken at this
    • which we do our daily work. And so, I should like to give
    • which is possible in the Anthroposophical Society, and I should
    • I should like here to begin with something well known to those
    • say — and we should have to designate the thing so in
    • this case — this person should be in such a state that in
    • organism should cause him to introduce into the waking
    • suppose he should introduce a realm of pictures like that of
    • that which should interest us especially just now is the fact
    • this is as if we should carry the configuration of the
    • the tolerance I have just described to you. Why should I be so
    • particular nature of this Society, in which everyone should
    • possible. If I strove for this, I should not be advising you to
    • philistine-pedantic way that it should be a point in one's
    • the world, must be sought for in this way. This spirit should
    • been delivered until the Goetheanum should have reached the
    • necessity that chemistry, physics, etc., mathematics, should be
    • how space from the point of view of touch should be expressed
    • should like to call them, which have been brought about since
    • this deeper discussion, I should like to put in its true light
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 1: Evolution and Consciousness, Lucifer, Ahriman
    Matching lines:
    • they should only influence dreams within the human sphere
    • spirits that should only have influenced the old form of
    • inner prejudices, their feeling of how things should go,
    • consent. I should like to give you a brief example which
    • should not consider human life to be entirely the way it
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 2: East, West, and the Culture of Middle Europe, the Science of Initiation
    Matching lines:
    • should like to add some further building stones to an
    • should be considered important in any way, except that
    • Spiritual science should also flow into higher education
    • and should be alive in everything connected with art,
    • representatives in particular, should not be
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 3: Political Empires
    Matching lines:
    • the world today we should really consider the most
    • characterized this a number of times. None of us should
    • communities, though these should not be called
    • concrete ideas as to how a ruler should be prepared for
    • can go to great lengths to explain that one should not
    • the human being should be changed or transformed to
    • office. No one thinks that development should be such
    • all no one thinks that something objective should enter
    • training of people called to high office — should
    • by their ruler should or should not happen; it was after
    • earthly hierarchy should truly reflect the heavenly
    • that it should be seen to be the image of a heavenly
    • civilization. What we should ask ourselves is what it is
    • as a living organism with a memory that should not be
    • should not fail to see it. These social impulses can only
    • evolution. This should be realized particularly by the
    • that should horrify people — yet they do not.
    • are not healthy should be the source and origin of
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 4: Western Secret Societies, Jesuitism, Leninism
    Matching lines:
    • comes from what should ideally be a truly honest, sincere
    • should be our special meditation every morning, as it
    • we should simply try and explain to people in one
    • than that humankind should today gain true understanding
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 5: How the Material Can Be Understood Only through the Spirit
    Matching lines:
    • facts are rather different, however, and should be seen
    • life, for example, if in areas where truth should be
    • head is the organ of mind and intellect; it should
    • again, for what has happened to the first appeal should
    • anthroposophical movement should be allowed to swallow up
    • basis that is the work of decades, or at least should
    • necessary spiritual work which after all should be the
    • discussions on matters that should be dealt with in half
    • really should not be there. If you have sound thinking
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 6: Materialism and Mysticism, Knowledge as a Deed of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • been in accord with that basic theme. It should also help
    • real and that we should not look for reality in that
    • rainbow. No one should consider a rainbow to have some
    • phenomenon. In the same way we should regard all the
    • it may affect our sense of touch, it should still be
    • we encounter reality. Nor can we say that someone should
    • mysticism. We should be able to develop the feeling that
    • equilibrium. In the same way you should not despise
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 7: Materialism, Mysticism, Anthroposophy, Liberalism, Conservatism
    Matching lines:
    • inner experience should show us that between the
    • should be regarded in the same way as we regard a
    • affecting the whole of his person. We should not say that
    • to follow this road Is an error in logic. We should say
    • what he or she has to say. We should not consider whether
    • in fact they should be giving their allegiance to
    • the light in which everything should be regarded, even
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 8: The Opposition of Knowledge and Faith, Its Overcoming
    Matching lines:
    • belief — perhaps one should not even call it
    • should only concern itself with things perceptible to the
    • realm and it is said that one should never assume that
    • The divine intention was that human beings should find
    • it gradually. They said people should make certain divine
    • wrong time, and that they should use this knowledge to
    • really no longer have the Christ, they really should no
    • anthroposophy should give anthroposophy the strength to
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 9: East, West, and Middle
    Matching lines:
    • death. It was left to a culture which I should like to
    • which human individuals should come to realize are the
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 10: Transition from the Luciferic to the Ahrimanic Age and the Christ Event to Come
    Matching lines:
    • still more or less theoretical today — though perhaps we should not
    • Our age should not be
  • Title: Polarities in Evolution: Lecture 11: Modern Science and Christianity, Threefold Social Order, Goetheanism
    Matching lines:
    • should already be able to say to ourselves that the earth
    • definitions. He did not say that social life should have
    • Libraries should shrink if possible, and people should
    • Constitution how one human being should relate to
    • should turn against those whom we are simply forced to
    • argue against; you should have the courage to address
    • in public; that one should leave the name out and 'slip
    • things slip in, they put things bluntly. And it should be
    • of lies should not be our business in the
  • Title: Life Between Two Incarnations
    Matching lines:
    • for some time, what will be explained in the introduction should not be
    • expresses himself in the human being, it should mean. And only that
    • member of the human being. But we should not think that we are God
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • adornment for their personal life, should be
    • space and time should tend to encourage appreciation of the
    • anti-social impulses and instincts. No mistake should be made.
    • should be dishonest if we shut our eyes to the many forces of
    • that we should learn what phrases and catchwords really
    • previous Earth-lives, that he should have, in contact with his
    • do realize the need of the times should be looked at askance.
    • example: the question is often raised whether education should
    • “technical.” Should teaching be directed to fitting
    • serve the State or conduct other business; or should it aim at
    • is that we should educate prophetically, foreseeing the task of
    • continuing in existence at a time when they should have
    • should feel themselves as a centre from which may radiate the
    • these conditions should be expected from circles belonging to
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • should not only speak of life after death, but also of that
    • anything more. The point is that we should actually retain the
    • want to emphasize this point. We should really and truly learn
    • People should be filled with the conviction that during the day
    • they should realize in a fruitful way what they have arranged
    • or five years of agony should have taught men that the
    • should be able to experience throughout his whole life the
    • his life in the day this vivid consciousness should persist as:
    • utter and to listen to, but it is necessary that people should
    • children (I suppose I should say our “young ladies”
    • manner of teaching. So that what should only work on one living
    • should not be undervalued, seeing that it had contributed to
    • things should be possible in our times!
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • standpoint of natural science, we should have to say that the
    • nowadays it is essential that men should absorb them into their
    • world. In our movement we should awaken the needful enthusiasm
    • He should penetrate the entire Western view of the world. The
    • humanity should do so. The Oriental shuns this immersion. It is
    • view of spiritual science. What matters is that we should act
    • have shown you during these few days how man should regard his
    • idealists, we are compelled to speak. No pity should prevent
    • truth and truth alone — that should be graven deeply into
  • Title: Problems of Our Time: Main Features of the Social Question and the Threefold Order of the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • should consider such things to-day, should be able to keep
    • which, all the same, miss the facts. I should like to, give as
    • that we should produce only for consumption, or that of
    • of industry does, especially if the latter should be —
    • but tell us how to teach it. What should be the subject
    • consider themselves advanced thinkers, is that the State should
    • should be under State control, and its authority should be even
    • sphere of economic production itself there should be no more
    • control of men: control should be limited to the production and
    • should belong to the sphere of law and right, where each adult
    • mention this sort of thing to-day: but they should realize that
    • years or less after his death the spiritual product should no
    • property, to treat it in the same way, and see that it should
    • all his faculties. When this is no longer the case it should
    • whether I should be dividing a horse into parts if I said it
    • social life should be an abstract unity, if such a unity could
    • be understood; but in conclusion I should like to point out
    • his mouth lest he should say “myself” too loudly!

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