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  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • the facts of organic evolution. The longing of our time for
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • creatures or of the facts and events of Nature, at once became
    • entities and facts of Nature reduced to all these rigid concepts of
    • researches are simple facts — the fact, for instance, of how
    • is a pure and simple fact. And upon facts like this he seeks to base
    • One fact may throw
    • — has grown to be the determining factor in the way we think
    • the world of facts. If once you realize this difference between the
    • fact that when two pulls come into play — the one from
    • fully conscious of the fact: You cannot possibly understand any
  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • of the fact that the point must be something in space, and this
    • phenomenon it is blotted out, extinguished, because in fact the Will
    • happens through the facts that with our brain — but for the 20
    • also come to meet us. In fact we cannot say that we see the light as
    • Now the fact is that
    • world of colour meets us with a polar quality? Because in fact the
    • us first hold to the phenomenon, simply describing the fact as it
    • the rainbow in their proper order. We take the fact, purely and
    • phenomenon, the pure and simple fact. We see colours arising in and
    • following. We will remain purely within the given facts. Kindly
    • prism. This is a matter of simple fact: the cylinder of light goes
    • add nothing to the facts in saying this): — the cylinder of
    • So we can say, adhering once again to the facts and not indulging in
    • of fact. If you let light go through a dim and milky glass or through
    • have to state this, to begin with, simply as a fact. Now in some
    • from the simple fact that when you look into light through a dim or
    • that is here bent and deflected, but also with this new factor
    • simply through the fact that the prism on the one hand deflects the
    • all that is yellowish in colour. Thus by adhering to the plain facts
  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • in the fact that you are always hankering after a phoronomical
    • separated out of the light as such. In point of fact, I am projecting
    • — the picture as such — has edges. Here too the fact is
    • facts, but to confine ourselves to a clean straightforward study of
    • the given facts. However, as you have seen, in these phenomena not
    • facts — a space within which I should always find it possible
    • fact.
    • can have come about, — obviously through the fact that the
    • How can it have been thrust apart? It can only be through the fact
    • it in the facts that this is how it is. I want you to be very clear
    • “light-rays”. In fact we never have to do with
    • read it in the facts.
    • direction. What is the fact? An object is lying on the bottom of the
    • simple fact, but if I now begin explaining: there is a ray of light
    • facts? Having previously seen the thing in this direction, I expect
    • downward. Instead of simply noting this fact, the physicists will
    • which is in fact a ramification of the optic nerve that then goes on
    • grows out to meet them. This is the noteworthy thing. In fact the
    • may also tell from the following fact. During the day when you look
    • fundamental facts.
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • IVc). Once again therefore adhering strictly to the facts, we
    • with the fundamental fact we have just now been ascertaining. Then,
    • darkened here, is clearly proved by the fact that blue arises in this
    • yellowish-red — in a word, yellow and red, — as in fact
    • beg you now, pay very careful attention to the pure facts; we want to
    • turned to darkness. The fact that such a lattice arises is to be
    • — Fresnel himself, in fact — argued as follows: If light
    • As I said before, the fact that wave-movements in many directions
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • remarkable fact, which, although not unknown before, was brought to
    • IVh). Simply to state the fact, this then is what we have to say:
    • however we must get hold of the pure facts.
    • speculative explanations and to approach the fact in question —
    • — by means of the pure facts. Fact upon fact in proper sequence
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • to discern and truly to set forth the facts in the phenomena of
    • find your way back to the pure facts. You must first cultivate the
    • habit of feeling the pure facts as such; please do not take my words
    • in a too trivial meaning. You have to learn to sense the facts, and
    • by following the facts straightforwardly. Suppose this were a plate
    • when I describe it thus, is shifted upward too. In point of fact,
    • these facts together.
    • reflect a little on the facts and we shall recognize an immense
    • of fact, between the way we experience and share in the conditions of
    • faculty of stating facts straightforwardly and directly. This has
    • the straightforward facts simply as they present themselves. Goethe
    • given facts. The fact for instance that material bodies in the
    • include among the given facts what is understood by the term
    • fact is simply that it draws nearer to the Earth. We see it now at
    • adding something to the given fact; you are no longer purely and
    • bodies will approach each other. They are, in fact, driven towards
    • There have in fact
    • ponder the reality of what I see. The mere fact that I see a thing
    • whole what is in fact only a partial phenomenon within a larger
    • then to construe the effects which arise in fact between them. This
    • Maximum number of matches per file exceeded.
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • reddish-shining colour. In fact I see the screen more or less red.
    • have studied, I want you to take note of the pure fact we have just
    • real fact. When I am seeing red through my eyes, as at this moment,
    • distinct perception of the fact that we are swimming in the
    • given facts.
    • that of Tone or Sound. There is however a remarkable fact in this
    • recognize it very clearly in the simple fact that for pure feeling
    • was especially Julius Robert Mayer who drew attention to this fact,
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • fact which can indeed easily be ascertained. Whenever we perceive a
    • — 40 in fact. When Herr Stockmeyer blew the stream of air on
    • fact that if I twang a violin-string a second string in the same
    • the fact that the intervening medium propagates the accompanying
    • fact been observed.
    • a matter of fact and you need to see it. The physiological
    • recognized the facts, this is what we shall see:— Consider
    • as an outcome of this whole complex — namely through the fact
    • with hearing alone, for this is but a single factor of the dual
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • simply as “contact electricity”, namely the fact that
    • electric currents are passed through them. So that in fact, that
    • Now the fact
    • influences or agencies do in fact spread out in space in a way
    • warmth are in fact similar in some respects. Now they could think the
    • it were, so to treat it that in its interplay with other factors it
    • interesting fact. Now that they had at last exposed it — if I
    • through these tubes is in fact endowed with remarkable properties,
    • electromagnetic force. Such was his line of thought: the very fact
    • came to the conclusion which was in fact emerging from many and
    • be modifiable by a number of other factors. They now looked round
    • the velocity of the radiation. The interesting fact emerges that the
    • often explained: as human beings we are in fact dual beings. That
    • mass, we are in fact going beyond mere arithmetic —
    • we are in fact descending into the very same realm into which we
    • what we believe to be matter, to be in fact no more than flowing
    • In fact our
    • have taken the first step towards the recognition of the fact that
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • yourselves, taking your start from characteristic facts which you
    • to develop a right way of thinking upon the facts and phenomena
    • last three decades have in fact been revolutionary. One can imagine
    • period has been in Physics. Impelled by the very facts that have
    • start from these facts, I now want to unfold a point of view which
    • chiefly suffered from the fact that the inner activity, with which
    • not able really to enter the facts of the outer world. In the realm
    • “ether” refuses to turn up. In fact it was not given to
    • Hittorf tubes are compelling us to go more into the facts. Mere
    • pupils some kind of proof, some demonstration of the fact. We do it
    • — the facts alone can tell — might it not be that the
    • when we go into the outer facts of Nature and work upon them with
    • the ideas derived from sense-perception. They come in fact from the
    • dream when symbolizing an objective fact such as the fall and
    • and kinematical thought-forms, is in point of fact a dreaming about
    • did indeed embrace the prevailing laws of a whole series of facts,
    • They do not know what havoc has in fact been wrought by the

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