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  • Title: Cover: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • Clent near Stourbridge, Worcs., England,
  • Title: Cover Pressing Page: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • Clent near Stourbridge, Worcs., England,
  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • walls of earth 20th-century scientific thinking he brought the
    • issued a few years ago by Paul Eugen Schiller of
    • called in vain, for a clear recognition of this kind. The
    • at this clear recognition of our state, and I was happy when
    • clearly into the edifice of “Anthroposophia”,
    • to bear in mind what is required when communications from the
    • premisses of thought, taken for granted in those who heard
    • reproduced should bear the foregoing words in mind. If those
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • have just been read out, some of which were written over 30 years
    • was in the early nineties. The “Frankfurter Freier
    • by their own researches — a kind of “reductio ad
    • clear idea of what constitutes the field of their researches.
    • by the man of today in scientific research, is that he tries by
    • simple phenomenon as that a stone, let go, will fall to earth, or if
    • suspended by a string, will pull vertically down towards the earth.
    • ways that “scientific research” tries to get near to
    • and research as pursued today and on the other hand the Goethean
    • researches into Nature he does not try to proceed from the so-called
    • researches are simple facts — the fact, for instance, of how
    • few men have ever had so clear an understanding of the relation of
    • disputed no doubt. Some people think he had no clear idea of the
    • things we really must reach clarity. You see, dear Friends, along the
    • and calculating. Arithmetic — we must be clear on this —
    • When we are counting it makes no difference what we count. Learning
    • for you to be clear on this point, — to realize that Kinematics
    • Forces, you have a clear and sharp formulation of the essential
    • have the difference — clear and keen — between Phoronomy
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  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • we made this clear to ourselves. While in phoronomy we can construct
    • saw this pretty clearly in yesterday's lecture, and it emerged that
    • it is not really possible to gain true or clear ideas of what
    • Can I get a clear intelligible notion of what the m
    • contains, as by arithmetic, geometry and kinematics I get a clear
    • analogous to what goes on in us when we get the clear intelligible
    • is still bearable. Only in that case you lose, a little of the force
    • of consciousness that you can bear it. Nevertheless, what I have
    • only happens to a slight extent we can still bear it; if to a great
    • extent, we can bear it no longer. What underlies it is the same in
    • doubt you learned it.
    • about 1250 grammes. If, when we bear the brain within us, it really
    • on the other hand becomes light and clear inasmuch as we are able to
    • before. It is displaced, — it appears elsewhere. Moreover you
    • appears violet, blue, green, yellow and red, Indeed, if we made a
    • simply as we find it; and please — all those of you who learned
    • light is displaced and the phenomena of colour appear at the edges
    • light through clear unclouded water, you see it in full brightness;
    • You see, dear Friends:
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  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • light came to his notice. Among other things, he learned of the
    • commonly held by physicists, so Goethe learned, that when you let
    • — violet. Goethe heard of it in this way: the physicists
    • the instruments back, but kept them and went on with his researches.
    • IIc), but what appears in the first place is not the series of
    • that where light adjoins dark, colours appear at the edges. It is
    • to begin with, make their appearance purely and simply as phenomena
    • This, my dear Friends,
    • material — though it appears transparent in all these lenses
    • it in the facts that this is how it is. I want you to be very clear
    • — then, my dear Friends, I am already fancying all kinds of
    • again. We must be clear that we ourselves are being active. We,
    • now the beauty of it, my dear Friends! The light, they say, reaches
    • clear that the eye is an active organism.
    • point of entry, but it does not. Please try to bear this in mind.
    • — they will appear to you more or less sharp and clear, or at
    • must ask: Why do the seven colours appear to us in grey, all of one
    • black circle in the middle of the disc, so that the grey may appear
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • object will appear modified by the darkness in the direction of the
    • more or less white if I were looking at directly, will appear
    • Blue or violet (bluish-red) tones of colour will appear (
    • darkened here, is clearly proved by the fact that blue arises in this
    • light appears reddish. At the bottom edge you have a region that is
    • “objective” colours if you wish to speak in learned
    • spectrum. The “subjective” spectrum appears as an
    • phenomena there has been much intellectual speculation, my dear
    • indeed most interesting, and we must try to get a clear idea of what
    • made, appearing dark. And as an outcome of this “hole”,
    • great significance. What I am trying to make clear is what here
    • can make spectra of this kind appearing not as a proper spectrum but
    • yellow to appear extra strong, since it is there to begin with and
    • force that is brought to bear. If the sodium light arising here were
    • again you see, we need only bear in mind what is actually there. The
    • prism, it appears to me in such a way that I get a spectrum: red,
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • quality of light which would be appearing at this place (i.e. in the
    • as well as we are able, that this dark line does really appear in the
    • too; it then appears displaced downward instead of upward, moreover
    • the colours appear in this way when we simply look through the
    • disulphide, this light is extinguished. You see the spectrum clearly
    • will be explained how it comes about that they appear coloured at
    • another body appears blue. It swallows the remaining colours and
    • “phosphores” or light-bearers. This is what they meant:
    • this kind — bearers of light, i.e. phos-phores.
    • oil appears slightly yellow. If on the other hand you place yourself
    • Va). Look towards the light through the solution and it appears
    • of whatever it is that the light does with it, appears with a lasting
    • with outer reality, my dear Friends, till we are thoroughly clear on
    • intimately united, we learn to know and understand the real velocity.
    • good, my dear Friends, if you will bring this home to yourselves very
    • clearly; the truth will then dawn upon you more and more: v
    • from them — is also true of another thing. But, my dear Friends
    • our astral body. You have no alternative, my dear Friends but to
    • have to recognize something that can only make its appearance
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  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • in a too trivial meaning. You have to learn to sense the facts, and
    • circle. Cast your mind back to what you learned in your school days.
    • perceive the thing displaced. It appears at a different place than
    • would appear if we were not seeing it through a refracting medium;
    • will appear shifted upward. The entire complex we are looking at is
    • appearing to the outer senses, was taken note of; then, to explain
    • from the lighter colours we draw near the darker ones, the blue and
    • “force of gravity”. If a stone falls to the Earth the
    • fact is simply that it draws nearer to the Earth. We see it now at
    • “The Earth attracts the stone” you in your thoughts are
    • this, my dear Friends, are far-reaching. Namely, for every
    • or Sun and Earth, each by itself, you may of course invent and add to
    • considering Sun and Earth and Moon thus separately, the things you
    • going on around us when we hear sounds. We can say to ourselves that
    • unless the air in our environment is vibrating we shall not hear any
    • through our organs of hearing. The vibrations of the air beat on our
    • organ of hearing, and when they do so we perceive the sound. Now the
    • one is thus led to the idea: When the air beats upon our ear and we
    • prism; these different kinds of vibrations then appear to us as
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  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear
    • today with an experiment bearing upon our studies of the theory of
    • researches to show the real nature of coloured shadows.]
    • with, my dear Friends, along with all the other phenomena which we
    • with this, I also drew your attention to what appears, as is
    • the green colour that appears to me when I have been exposing my
    • said in an earlier lecture: You, your subjective being, do not live
    • appearing afterwards only in point of time. Looked at objectively
    • clearly and accurately in the physical apparatus of the eye, the
    • hand in water as hot as you can bear and your right hand in water
    • as cold as you can bear. Then put both hands quickly back again
    • come nearer the real processes of Nature — far nearer than by
    • differentiated airy element outside us. In this respect, my dear
    • to outward appearance. There is our breathing process: we
    • cerebrospinal fluid, which is quite clearly an image of my whole
    • is this inner organism of vibrations which in our ear we bring to
    • bear upon what sounds towards us from without when, for example,
    • manifestation in the air outside you. The ear is in a way the
    • Such, in reality is hearing. The real process of hearing —
    • hearing of the differentiated sound or tone — is, as you see,
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  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear
    • century at the earliest. By such examples you will most readily
    • distance and hear the report some time later, just as you hear the
    • of the earliest things to which men became attentive in this
    • Mersenne, who made important researches on what is called the
    • air and we may therefore say that when we hear any sounding body
    • did it arise? Nearer the centre of the disc are fewer holes,
    • earlier lecture. I said that we must carefully distinguish all that
    • us are only the oscillations. Could anything be clearer? — so
    • attenuation. Then, when my ear is in the act of
    • “hearing”, what is really there outside me are these
    • dear Friends, for once deserve to be followed to their logical
    • my researches. These I abstract from the totality; what is
    • these parallel phenomena which appear so much more spiritual
    • with the human ear. As we go inward in the eye, you will remember
    • describe the human ear, and in a purely external sense we may aver:
    • stimulus, so do the oscillations of sound affect the ear. They go
    • appearance. That which arises (speaking in terms of Physics) in the
    • system of ossicles to the inner ear. There is the so-called
    • should have the eye as one sense-organ, the ear — another. We
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  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear
    • would so induce the negative that if we brought them near enough
    • current, taking place to all appearances purely within the
    • which he observed is there in every organism and appears
    • finds release, becomes to all appearances very like flowing
    • and manifold as they appear. These tendencies were crowned to some
    • extent when near the end of the century Heinrich Hertz, a physicist
    • first fifteen years, say, of our century; you must admit that a
    • through the wires, appears in the form in which you see it here
    • phenomena which thus appeared in tubes containing highly attenuated
    • clearly not propagated in that way. Whatever it is that is shooting
    • radiations (or what appeared as such) from the negative electric
    • electricity shewed very strange phenomena. A clear direction was
    • these researches it was presently discovered that there are bodies
    • magnet near to the radiating body, studying these deflections and
    • it. So has the sound, the ear. For warmth too, a kind of
    • of sleep. We must be fully clear that this is so. Consider then
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear
    • right out of its bearings, so to speak, even by Physics itself.
    • very near relation to those of electricity and magnetism. Now the
    • establishing the near relation of these rays to the ordinary
    • may gather that the cross stops the rays. Observe it clearly,
    • telling you how in the further study of these things it appeared
    • actually see it. A clearer or more graphic proof can scarcely be
    • geometrical or kinematical ideas are related to what appears to us
    • our reason. We see with our eyes and hear with our ears. All that
    • little, my dear Friends, as the idea-forming faculty which you
    • indeed; and to do this, my dear Friends, we must become aware of
    • phenomena of the realm we are now considering, my dear Friends. For
    • domain, my dear Friends. In the first place there is no wave or
    • realization in our hearts and minds will give the consciousness we
    • Earth and Solar System by the theory of Kant and Laplace. To
    • learned physicist of our time in peroration voices his ideal,
    • saying in effect: The War has clearly shewn that we have not yet
    • of our Universities nearly close enough. For human progress to go
    • research into the General Staffs of our armies.
    • dear Friends, must learn anew, and that in many fields. Once human
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