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  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • of individuals or groups among his friends and pupils. Yet as
    • the faculty to apprehend the spiritual aspect of the World
    • transcend the mechanical explanation of the World generally
    • This mental tendency has become habitual throughout the
    • faculties with which we apprehend what is mechanical are
    • I saw any beginnings or indications that seemed to tend in
    • “To this end the many
    • another circumstance. The lectures were attended by members
    • in written books intended for the world at large. In these
    • which I should certainly have had to change had I intended it
    • century produced will be transcended — transcended above
    • generations due to come at the end of the 20th century, let
  • Title: Prefatory Note: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • wanting to defend Goethe's Theory of Colour in every
    • not only to extend the range of information but who look
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • fundamental trend and tendency in Science, which should permeate your
    • friend Dr. Stein has kindly been recalling, I may add one more. It
    • suspended by a string, will pull vertically down towards the earth.
    • things we really must reach clarity. You see, dear Friends, along the
    • do not envisage the distinction clearly. They always tend rather to
    • only find them when as it were I go to the very ends of the world
    • ends of the Universe and imagine forces to the working inward from
    • Friends, I have been saying to the end that we may understand how the
  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • a pressure stronger than you can endure — is taking place
    • we come into regions which are opposed to our consciousness and tend
    • object of equal weight, suspended this time, at the other end of the
    • of which the brain is really tending upward, contrary to its own
    • in this condition. Taken as a whole, their tendency is down-ward.
    • only bound to downward tending matter. And now please think of this:
    • ponderable matter. We always tend to go up and out beyond our head
    • Naturally it spreads out and extends after the light has gone through
    • the brightly shining light, itself deflected, and then the sending
    • deflection of the light. Up there, the dimming or darkening tends to
    • You see, dear Friends:
    • give a grey but remaining mutually independent in their activity.
    • light, it remains there and independent, it is true, but the light
    • and into your eyes. Into a muscle it is so inserted as to blend with
    • apparatus in the same way, but remains comparatively independent.
    • our astral body is more independent, and independent in a different
    • bodily part and is by no means independent. In the eye too it is
    • inserted: here however it works independently. The space is filled by
    • independently while in the other they do not. It is but half the
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  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • phenomenon with the prism — at the end of yesterday's lecture
    • light and colour, let us now begin again, but from the other end. I
    • enough to send him some scientific instruments to Weimar. Goethe
    • Goethe had to pack the instruments to send them back again. Meanwhile
    • felt the theory did not make sense. He was no longer minded to send
    • circle that the colours extend inward from the edges to the middle.
    • This, my dear Friends,
    • together, one from either end. But I could now move the screen
    • Where I should otherwise merely get the image extending from red to
    • — then, my dear Friends, I am already fancying all kinds of
    • now the beauty of it, my dear Friends! The light, they say, reaches
    • picture outward. So after all they end by attributing this activity
    • organic is. The whole working of it depends on this. First the
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • My dear Friends,
    • water through which you send a stream of light so that the liquid is
    • send the light through the prism we therefore have to do with two
    • Friends, in modern time. The phenomena have not merely been observed
    • and stated purely as phenomena, as we have been endeavouring to do.
    • According to this conception the Sun sends us its light, we let it
    • well be that the one infinitesimal particle with its perpendicular
    • spectrum extending from violet to red — engendered directly by
    • get a darker. Why is it so? It simply depends on the intensity of
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • Figure IVf), towards the end of Lecture IV). Now we can also
    • luminous gives a complete spectrum — expending all the way from
    • they of themselves send the light back — when they have somehow
    • with outer reality, my dear Friends, till we are thoroughly clear on
    • good, my dear Friends, if you will bring this home to yourselves very
    • from them — is also true of another thing. But, my dear Friends
    • our astral body. You have no alternative, my dear Friends but to
    • It is intended to be, what you will find in neither of the two, and
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • My dear Friends,
    • i.e. towards the perpendicular to the glass surface at the point of
    • since one end of it is lighter we see this shifted too. Placing
    • light, the enduring colours. We cannot treat all these things
    • has been completely lost; nay, the deliberate tendency has been,
    • depends. For if we do not state the phenomena purely and simply, but
    • attract one another, — send some mysterious force out into
    • bottom of it all? This tendency to add to the phenomena in thought
    • very much averse. For in effect, if these are two independent
    • heavenly bodies as independent of each other. If for example I put my
    • done by the underlying soul-and-spirit. My hand is not independent of
    • this, my dear Friends, are far-reaching. Namely, for every
    • planetary system. The tendency has been, first to regard as wholes
    • It was the trend of
    • as to how the ether should be vibrating: this they endeavour to
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • Friends,
    • if I engendered red by means of green, it would stay red. Goethe in
    • on this passage.) He also recommended chemical and photographic
    • with, my dear Friends, along with all the other phenomena which we
    • essential difference between the green image engendered spatially
    • have rigged-up an apparatus to engender colour while our eye stays
    • descend from Light to Warmth. Warmth too we perceive as a condition
    • descends effectively into the airy element. Even as it enters into
    • Friends, our bodily nature is indeed of the greatest interest even
    • ascend as it were into a higher, into an etheric sphere, therein to
    • engender warmth. Now as a basis for tomorrow's lecture, we have
    • between the mechanical work expended and the warmth produced, the
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • Friends,
    • strong tendency, above all things, not to enter spiritually into
    • Physics nowadays, is fundamentally a product of the said tendency,
    • they may well contend. There are the waves of condensation and
    • dear Friends, for once deserve to be followed to their logical
    • pendulum clock; you wind it up and start it. In the same room there
    • is another pendulum clock; it must, admittedly, be of a certain
    • forms the inner end of this canal. Behind the drum are the minute
    • has its ending. Before the cochlea we come to the three
    • rhythm of the ascending and descending cerebrospinal fluid and how
    • But we have still not reached the end. All this that takes its
    • represent? It would be an organ, my dear Friends, which I could
    • however, my dear Friends, we shall no longer be able to conceive as
    • nowhere in these realms unless you apprehend what is real. For if
    • dear Friends, that if you work it through for yourselves this will
    • this, dear Friends, the fundamentals of a true Physical Science,
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • Friends,
    • coating, connected with a metal rod, ending perhaps in a metallic
    • we expended for example in making these vanes rotate in the water,
    • and manifold as they appear. These tendencies were crowned to some
    • extent when near the end of the century Heinrich Hertz, a physicist
    • Hertz's discoveries were still the twilight of the old, tending as
    • through air of very high dilution. High tension is engendered in
    • pointed terminal at either end, one where the positive electricity
    • will discharge (i.e. the positive pole) at the one end, so too the
    • through these tubes is in fact endowed with remarkable properties,
    • they thereby knew what it was; in any case they did not pretend to
    • you how at the outset of these lectures we endeavoured in a purely
    • shooting force, tending to remain behind, makes itself felt as
    • against the other that tends to go nine times as quickly. Now
    • in the Universe which we can comprehend, we had to speak of
    • — to the field which we comprise and comprehend with our
    • going in precisely the same direction when we descend from the
    • We only experience what they deliver, what they send upward, to
    • are crossing in ourselves when we descend from our thinking and
    • we are in fact descending into the very same realm into which we
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  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • Friends,
    • here, its anode or positive pole here. Sending the electricity
    • revealed in that the glass becomes fluorescent when we send the
    • completely. In sending out its radiation, it is transmuted. It
    • stable and enduring matter but with a complete metamorphosis of
    • phenomena themselves with human thinking. Now to this end certain
    • you will remember how you were taught (and our good friends, the
    • little, my dear Friends, as the idea-forming faculty which you
    • ceased to hold good at the end of this series. Many examples might
    • indeed; and to do this, my dear Friends, we must become aware of
    • phenomena of the realm we are now considering, my dear Friends. For
    • inner life — your life of soul — to apprehend the tone
    • domain, my dear Friends. In the first place there is no wave or
    • dear Friends, must learn anew, and that in many fields. Once human
    • End of the

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