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  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • never from theoretical programmes. Time and again, what he gave
    • great sacrifice and a severe hindrance for this universal
    • realm of spiritual perception grew for me ever more fully and
    • Whoever reads the lectures here
  • Title: Prefatory Note: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • wanting to defend Goethe's Theory of Colour in every
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • Chemistry of today, our scientists are fated in regard, whatever
    • several creatures and phenomena he may form concepts of species, kind
    • of Physics. There is one thing however to which we may draw attention
    • way from what is known into some unknown realm. They scarcely ever
    • be regarded as a simple “Law of Nature”: “Every
    • metamorphosis both of phenomena and of the several creatures. Also
    • has gone on pursuing ever since his time, was not according to
    • few men have ever had so clear an understanding of the relation of
    • which have grown ever more beloved in Science, so much so that in our
    • serve mental convenience, not to say inertia. Whatever we may
    • be tried and tested by us in the outer world. Our scientists however
    • centimetre a second quicker every second, we know the ratio between
    • “mass” in this Universe. Howsoever I may think it out, I
    • Science, though Mathematics be ever so idolized even for this domain
    • per second per second to a gramme-weight, so too with every
    • wherever we can find so many single points from which quite definite
    • in question, — forces however that are not yet in action. Only
    • everything in mechanical terms. It looks for centric forces and their
    • or germ-cell; with this method you would never find your way. No
    • this way, Phenomena in which Life is working can never be understood
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  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • Till we take steps to understand it, it will however be quite
    • impossible ever to gain valid ideas of what is meant or should be
    • however is subjective. The objective process, going on outside in
    • gets bigger. This too we must take into account; we have an ever
    • interests us at the moment is however this: — On the right-hand
    • side of the equation we have mass, i.e. the very thing we can never
    • whatever goes beyond the phoronomical domain must always be beyond
    • it is, try making the pressure ever more intense. Try it, — or
    • then go on making it ever more intense. What will happen? If you go
    • of consciousness that you can bear it. Nevertheless, what I have
    • partially and on a small scale whenever you come into any kind of
    • recourse to these, you will never get beyond what is phoronomical,
    • Nevertheless, although
    • buoyancy and is thus formulated: — Immersed in a liquid, every
    • explaining applies however only to our brain. The remaining portions
    • Intelligence. Never could Intelligence arise if our soul's life were
    • however, what is at work in the Intelligence is the very opposite of
    • to the relation you enter into with the outer world whenever you
    • in this case, whatever modifications may be due to the plates of
    • — moved upward. This time however the circle of light is
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  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • the given facts. However, as you have seen, in these phenomena not
    • and diagrams we ought to realize that with every line we draw we
    • “light-rays”. In fact we never have to do with
    • penetrate. They want to leave all this out and to ascribe everything
    • distinctly how abstract everything is made in our conventional
    • adapted to each other. You see again how deeply mobile everything
    • that you ever get is grey, said Goethe. The modern text-books do
    • grey. However, to make it white after all, they advise you to put a
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • take the trouble you will find it everywhere. The simple phenomenon
    • can be seen on every hand if we once accustom ourselves to think more
    • over-whelms the dark. Thus as you look in this direction, however
    • lighted up. However light the cylinder of light may be, you see it
    • There has been ever so much speculation about them; indeed, beginning
    • light into its constituents. Newton now imagined that to every colour
    • cylinder of light. This light however consists of ever so many
    • however been done before, by the Jesuit Grimaldi among others.
    • reflect that no one ever figures out, when one wave rushes
    • However, there were phenomena at variance with this idea; so then
    • no way disturb each other. Here however, at the screen in this
    • other out. But they have all been invented! What is there however
    • light gets analyzed into its several parts. Good and well; but now
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • gas; however this picture only shews one or more single lines of
    • careful experiment, it is true, we should perceive that everything
    • however we must get hold of the pure facts.
    • the colours are reversed. We have already discussed, why it is that
    • experiment was shewn to everyone in turn).
    • commonly call “bodies” — I will however also shew
    • However, even this
    • only so long, however, as the light impinges on it. The same
    • of whatever it is that the light does with it, appears with a lasting
    • t. What I express by this number v is however a
    • and the same element with the so-called bodies whenever we behold
    • it with what we ordinarily call our body. We do however swirl in it
    • with our etheric body. You will never understand what light is
    • realise that when and wheresoever you see colours, with your
    • credulous believers in the Physics of today, nor need we be of
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • discriminate, however delicately, between the darker and lighter
    • what is displaced in these optical phenomena can never be thus
    • diverted all alone. Whatever the cone of light is bordering on
    • never to speak of rays of light or anything of that kind, but only of
    • in reality is never simply light as such; it is always something
    • less strong; he will admit every degree of intensity of light, but he
    • however that you face the difference, quite obviously given in point
    • to do it in more theoretic ways. On the whole however, scientists
    • gravity”. Yet ponder how you will, you will never be able to
    • People have grown ever
    • for ever being sprayed towards each other. To add to these
    • adventitious theories, however, relieve one of the need of making one
    • respect a totality. (Everything will be so in some respect). The
    • this, my dear Friends, are far-reaching. Namely, for every
    • to study it alone, as they began doing ever since the 16th century
    • however in the machines which we ourselves piece together from the
    • inorganic. Whatever else we may call inorganic only exists by
    • abstraction. From this abstraction however present-day Physics has
    • out to explain whatever comes within its purview
    • however, other phenomena have been discovered. Thus we can make a
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  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • that wherever colours arise there is a working-together of light
    • However, this
    • objective. We cannot now provide for everyone to see it, but as the
    • of our environment which gains significance for us whenever we are
    • exposed to it. We shall soon see, however, that as between the
    • through my breathing, am forever living in this rhythmic,
    • description, I am forever living in a rhythm-of-life which both in
    • complicated, forever coming into being and passing away again. It
    • its relation, in ever-balancing and compensating interplay, with
    • what this school of Physics never does is to go simply into the
    • that of Tone or Sound. There is however a remarkable fact in this
    • from inner warmth. Your life in the light-element however lies
    • environment and perceive the difference, whatever it may be. Here
    • never tell us what we are to understand by soul and mind and
    • however one more thing I want to demonstrate today. It is among the
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • fact which can indeed easily be ascertained. Whenever we perceive a
    • beat back again however as soon as the body oscillates the other
    • to here, every time it came upon a hole it went through, then in
    • said, outward realities can never be merely spatial, or
    • Today however,
    • ‘tone’. In all manner of variations you will find ever
    • continues: Whoever does
    • even goes on to say: Whoever thinks that the picture which he
    • everyone of you who are here seated is only the effect on my own
    • physiologists will naturally not presume that they could ever fall
    • that is usually made of the subjective impression (or whatsoever is
    • never gain insight into these things unless we have the will to see
    • the cornea. As we go inward, we were saying, the eye gets ever more
    • never compare with the ear if I were thinking realistically, but
    • however, my dear Friends, we shall no longer be able to conceive as
    • as you would do if you were listening intently and every time, to
    • never do this if you take your start from the colour-theory of
    • (In some such words it will be stated.) However, ask yourselves
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • whatever it may be, is brought about by friction. And — here
    • which he observed is there in every organism and appears
    • reversing the experiment which we have just described, warmth could
    • what began in Julius Robert Mayer's work and then developed ever
    • everywhere equal principle is at the bottom of them all, diverse
    • Nevertheless,
    • clearly not propagated in that way. Whatever it is that is shooting
    • there from pole to pole, (or howsoever we may describe it;
    • matter, the several particles of which are raying through space
    • showering through space. The old wave-theory was shaken. However,
    • is however to put it crudely, for we are really threefold beings:
    • Wherever in the formulae of Physics we write m for
    • remains elsewhere unnoticed. Namely, wherever Will is working
    • must descend whenever we come up against the simple element of
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • most vividly when we catch the rays (or whatsoever it is that is
    • ether. This “ether” however, as you must see, proved a
    • tricky fellow. Whenever you are on the point of catching it, it
    • presented by Nature. Meanwhile however, for the thinkers of the
    • However, what
    • world we see and examine with our senses — ever to be taken
    • have at first no means whatever of deciding, how our own
    • think of as akin to one-another. However, human thinking has in our
    • tubes makes itself known to us in phenomena of light, etc. Whatever
    • of Physics. Ever-increasingly we shall be obliged to think in this
    • never be so very far removed from the delightful coalition between

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