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  • Title: Cover: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • First Scientific Lecture-Course: Light Course: Cover
  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
    Matching lines:
    • lacked the courage to admit that if we want to overcome the
    • mechanistic system we must also overcome the habits of
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • have just been read out, some of which were written over 30 years
    • controversial is all that can be said about the “ether”
  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • swim in the cerebral fluid; moreover the weight of this fluid which
    • is overwhelmed by the weight of matter. See then this memberment of
    • sense overwhelms the physical, while for the rest of our body the
    • forces and functionings of the physical organisation overwhelm those
    • before. It is displaced, — it appears elsewhere. Moreover you
    • the contrary, the dimming rays back into the light but is overwhelmed
    • shades of colour; downward, the light outdoes and overwhelms the
    • overwhelms and outdoes it. So there arise the lighter shades, —
  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • direction pursued by Science in modern time. Moreover — I speak
    • passing over into yellow, and at the upper edge a blue passing over
    • They then overlap in the middle and form what we call a continuous
    • Moreover I shall always find a red edge outside, — in this
    • — more or less indistinct. Moreover in this case (
    • resistance of the water is harder for me to overcome. Hence I must
    • we shall try gradually to discover how the many-coloured world
    • will discover that this is being done with quite a number of the
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • is diverted upward. Moreover, as we said before, it is not only
    • interposed in the path of the light. Moreover this dimness, as we
    • overwhelms and outdoes the darkness. We get the yellowish or
    • over-whelms the dark. Thus as you look in this direction, however
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • too; it then appears displaced downward instead of upward, moreover
    • seeing spectres; it hovers, fleeting, in space. Such colours
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • space. It is projected moreover to a position different from where it
    • prevents our discovering the bridge between the soul-and-spirit on
    • with respect to the realm of light. Moreover both to the one and to
    • however, other phenomena have been discovered. Thus we can make a
    • supposed the mere elastic ether to be working. Such discoveries of
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • arises where the light from the right-hand source is covered.
    • shadow is, is simply a dark space. Moreover, looking at the surface
    • cushion with a white crochet cover, through the rhombic-patterned
    • proverb says, “durch zweier Zeugen Mund wird alle Wahrheit
    • our being are in the things; moreover we are in them even more
    • localized sense as of the perception of light. Moreover, precisely
    • think it over in the meantime. Taking our start from this, we will
    • thermometer inside, you would find it a little over
    • vice-versa. But they exploited the discovery in metaphysical
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • have gradually discovered what kind of movement it is. It takes
    • main things we now have to discover is what happens when we
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • draw your attention to the development of electrical discoveries,
    • they discovered, in addition to this “frictional
    • had discovered something of very great significance. He had found
    • had discovered what Volta, a little later, was able to describe
    • we turn attention to the discovery made by Galvani. We have what
    • electricity and its effects. It was then these discoveries which
    • Julius Robert Mayer, the brilliant Heilbronn doctor had discovered.
    • discover kinships which were to prove at last that some abstract,
    • of some genius, discovered the so-called electric waves —
    • interesting discovery:— he found that the electrical
    • comparison. It seemed like incontrovertible proof that the way of
    • Hertz's discoveries were still the twilight of the old, tending as
    • to be raised all over again:
    • most interesting things was discovered in the 1890's by Roentgen
    • with magnetic and electric forces. Other discoveries followed. You
    • these researches it was presently discovered that there are bodies
    • in what may be described as the electrical domain. Moreover, all of
    • beings of Thought, of Feeling and of Will. Moreover, as I have
    • Will. Moreover the occurrence of physiological electricity in
    • admit it — towards the overcoming of matter. Moreover they
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • radiation emerged. The first to be discovered were the so-called
    • Figure IXc). They shew distinct properties. Moreover, yet
    • transfer this angle over here, then. Likewise this angle
    • ß, over here; again it remains the same.
    • discover: whilst in the space which I myself construct in thought
    • processes outside are governed by quite another geometry, and it is
    • moment he wakes up. A chair has fallen over. This was the impact
    • dreaming while awake. Moreover, until we recognize it for what it
    • — where electricity lives and moves. Moreover when you do so

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