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  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
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    • and gave to the world, took his start from real needs, —
    • to lead again to spiritual sources that realm of human
    • past. They looked for ways to get beyond that realm of
    • reality is experienced more intimately than by the physical
    • forms of reality — those of organic life for example
    • now to say what it is that works in the realm of life —
    • awake of their own accord; those that apply to higher realms
    • of reality first need to be awakened.
    • realm of spiritual perception grew for me ever more fully and
    • higher forms of reality”, the time will surely come when
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • must also realize, I was only told that this lecture-course was
    • takes its start from Goethe in this realm, as being almost
    • Scientists in our time do not reflect that they should really examine
    • way from what is known into some unknown realm. They scarcely ever
    • ask if it is really justified thus to proceed from the known to the
    • justified thus to distinguish (what is what they really do) between
    • for us to realize the fundamental difference between natural science
    • things we really must reach clarity. You see, dear Friends, along the
    • with — things that are really exercised by man before he
    • derived from a realm which, to begin with, is quite away from outer
    • for you to be clear on this point, — to realize that Kinematics
    • real” phenomena of Nature. Say I imagine an object to be
    • outer Nature there is really something like the point a
    • I have pictured to myself in thought will really happen. So then it
    • real Nature.
    • real pull, a real force is exercised. Here I must somehow measure the
    • the world of facts. If once you realize this difference between the
    • realm of thought, and those that lie beyond the range of thoughts and
    • involves realities of the outer world. What, in effect, must be
    • it really? And we shall have to admit: Here we already get stuck! The
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  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • only go on to the realm of Mass, for it to be so.
    • into the realm of outer, empirical, purely physical experience. We
    • modern Physics does not really understand what this leap involves.
    • it is not really possible to gain true or clear ideas of what
    • out upon the path that can really lead to a bridging of the gulf
    • the realm of pure kinematics. But this would not yet lead us to real
    • The moving object cannot be the mere thought of a point. Really to
    • immense. It cannot find it because it has no real human science,
    • — no real physiology. It does not know the human being. You
    • just now, you realize the mass by weighing it. Mass makes its
    • notion, say, of a moving body? There is indeed, and to realize what
    • Here then you have the real relationship to man. To understand what
    • about 1250 grammes. If, when we bear the brain within us, it really
    • of which the brain is really tending upward, contrary to its own
    • time and can build no bridge from thence to the outer reality of
    • really there between the phoronomical and the material domains.
    • speculation it seeks to find its way across into the realm of matter,
    • the way across by really diving into the realm of matter, which is
    • Monism of mere words, pursued today with lack of real insight. It is
    • all that meets us by way of colour really confronts us in two
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  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • rather more fully. They are the real piece de resistance, even in
    • You will realize that
    • I really must ask you to swallow the bitter pill (I mean, those of
    • really healthy ideas into a modern school. We must find ways of
    • make the light go through the prism, the prism really does no more
    • yonder wall. He really expected to see the light in seven colours.
    • and diagrams we ought to realize that with every line we draw we
    • isn't responsible. Yet as we say, the colours are really caused by
    • given realities. They put a merely fancied activity in place of what
    • remarkable. The expanse of the retina which you see here is really
    • light precisely at its point of entry. If it is really the nerve that
    • it will enable us to go forward also in the other realms of Physics,
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • realistically and not so abstractly as in modern science. Please now
    • sent a cylinder of light through a prism and so obtained a real scale
    • to what is really seen. For if you are looking thus into the bright
    • is really happening when experiments are set up in the way he did. I
    • grasp what happens in reality in this experiment. Suppose that this
    • a lighting-up but in reality darkness is reflected across here. So we
    • light and dark. We have just seen how it is really to be explained.
    • You must realize what
    • no proof that it is really there. All that is purely kinematical or
    • effect of it is not to intensify but to extinguish. As a real active
    • really is like that — if she has made the light composite
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • as well as we are able, that this dark line does really appear in the
    • not the simplest. Another phenomenon is really the simple one. If you
    • prevails that what is actually given in real Nature in such a case is
    • t it takes to do it. We are supposed to be dividing the real
    • distance s by the real time t, to get the velocity
    • v, which as a rule is not regarded as being quite so real
    • only one that has reality. What is really there in the world outside
    • is really there. This then, to some extent, is our procedure. We see
    • velocity. That it has this velocity, is the one real thing about it.
    • abstractions. We dismember, what is really one, into two
    • time. The space and time, compared to this real thing which we denote
    • as v, are no realities at all, they are abstractions which
    • with outer reality, my dear Friends, till we are thoroughly clear on
    • duality of space and time. The real thing we have outside us is the
    • intimately united, we learn to know and understand the real velocity.
    • reality in its own right — a reality of which the essence is,
    • perceiving the reality outside us the — velocity — we
    • we are united by space and time with the objective reality, while we
    • without going into these realities. We with our etheric body swim in
    • realise that when and wheresoever you see colours, with your
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • in the realm of light, it will also help us observe and understand
    • illustrated in the realm of Light.
    • — above it and below — is diverted too. I really ought
    • really going on when the phenomena of colour comes into being before
    • reality we are dealing with is the light. Yet, what we have before us
    • in reality is never simply light as such; it is always something
    • must take the dark seriously, — take it as something real. (The
    • the one hand, and the bodily realm on the other. When a space is
    • with respect to the realm of light. Moreover both to the one and to
    • example of how they fail to look at the real phenomenon but at once
    • my forehead; they are not really separate entities. I shall regard
    • I should have no reality in mind if I were to say: There is a head,
    • ponder the reality of what I see. The mere fact that I see a thing
    • does not make it real.
    • real abstraction; you may not call it a reality by itself.
    • phenomenon, we must examine to what extent it is a reality in itself,
    • really inorganic things are our machines, and even these are only so
    • what it has abstracted is the real thing, and on this assumption sets
    • — the details of the sense-world. Now there is one realm of
    • ethereal ocean. Their calculations relate to an unknown entity which
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  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • red. I am not really seeing the white screen; what I see is a
    • no real green here. I only see the green incidentally, because the
    • experiment that the green really is objective. It remains green,
    • researches to show the real nature of coloured shadows.]
    • real fact. When I am seeing red through my eyes, as at this moment,
    • real process by means of which I see the green when I see it thus,
    • process that goes on in your own eye. There is no real nor
    • it. You will then see it for what it really is. In the one case we
    • in realizing this we may also become aware of something more.
    • really perceiving when we come into relation to the
    • warmth-organism which really swims in the warmth of your
    • come nearer the real processes of Nature — far nearer than by
    • reality.
    • we have the faculty of living in what really underlies the light;
    • really the out-breathed air which brings about the process. When I
    • Such, in reality is hearing. The real process of hearing —
    • are living in the element of warmth. You really live in the
    • they speak so unrealistically of what is there in the outer world,
    • then be able to go on into the other realms of Physics.
    • please! — where in reality all that they had before them was
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • condensations of the air. We really need not do all these
    • life of thought but which consists of outer realities. In effect, I
    • said, outward realities can never be merely spatial, or
    • realities, — they always are. And of course this remains so
    • n can be experienced as an external reality, for the
    • What is real is inherent in the velocity. The velocity
    • contains the real being, the real entity which we are here
    • have no realities; I only have what is abstracted, separated out
    • hand I want to look at the reality of the sound — at what is
    • real in the world outside myself, — then I must concentrate
    • of the qualitative reality which finds expression simply and solely
    • “hearing”, what is really there outside me are these
    • obtains of a horse corresponds to an outward reality, understands
    • psyche, while for the rest, all that is really there, seated on
    • here making itself felt in a highly spiritual realm. We need to
    • take it to be a finished reality, for it need not be so at all. The
    • rose I cut off from the shrub is no reality. It cannot be by
    • hearing: the ear alone is no reality, though it is nearly always
    • its span — is also fundamental, in the real human being, to
    • larynx on the other, is an abstraction; you have no real totality
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  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • really be distinguished from one-another and are not yet quite
    • inorganic realm. But we have something else as well, if once again
    • electricity”. It is a force of tension which is really always
    • the external revolution in the social realm. It is no more nor less
    • attenuated remnant of real matter, not a mere movement like the
    • Is it really
    • physicists began to realize that it was neither the one nor the
    • that the real thing in space is the velocity; it is velocity
    • which justifies us in saying that a thing is real. Here now you see
    • is however to put it crudely, for we are really threefold beings:
    • really awake, whilst in our feelings we are dreaming and in our
    • realm of light and sound and warmth into the realm of the
    • speak, into the realms of light and sound and warmth etc. For we
    • while all that goes on in the realms of electricity and magnetism
    • complicated ways we go down into the realm of electrical phenomena,
    • we are in fact descending into the very same realm into which we
    • magnetism? We are then studying matter, in all reality. It
    • realm of Nature — into phenomena which are related to the
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • nothing more revolutionary in any realm than this most recent
    • not able really to enter the facts of the outer world. In the realm
    • ways will have to be opened up — most of all for the realm of
    • no way of proving that two lines are really parallel, i.e. that
    • conceived in thought. I have no guarantee that it is so in any real
    • space. I need only assume that the two lines meet, in reality,
    • envisage another and perhaps more real space. The sum of the angles
    • not but arise: Are then the processes of the real world — the
    • figure-out about it, there is no guarantee that it really is so.
    • really work in such a way that we can fully grasp it with the
    • in outer Nature. We calculate Nature's phenomena in the realm of
    • penetrating to what is real in Nature when we do so? What is there
    • from this realm; they come from the unconscious in the human being.
    • real object. So too, what in your geometrical and phoronomical
    • has no other value for reality than what finds expression in the
    • our Science gives us reality. What people fondly believe to be the
    • via the phenomena of warmth, into the realm we are coming into with
    • Nature is truly equivalent to the Will in Man. The realm of Will in
    • Man is equivalent to this whole realm of action of the cathode
    • γ-rays and so on. It is from this very realm —
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