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  • Title: Foreword: First Scientific Lecture-Course
    Matching lines:
    • of Dornach for his assistance in preparing the present
    • inner work, my unceasing effort to present the spiritual
    • saw my essential task, in the fulfilment of which I only had
    • essential part of the communications from the spiritual
    • of this new epoch even within the present century. For
  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • present-day scientific thinking altogether. The scientists who think
    • phenomenon as it may first present itself, where it is complicated
    • has sifted it, so that the simple essentials and they alone stand
    • I pulled simultaneously with forces represented by the lines a
    • Forces, you have a clear and sharp formulation of the essential
    • Nature, which, in the form in which they first present themselves,
    • potentials. In this respect our need will be to take one essential
    • are essential to a living thing have no potential; they are not
    • modern Scientist as represented by Newton. The scientists of modern
  • Title: Second Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday, present-day Physics (though now a little less sure in this
    • simply adduce the essential elements to bring the formula before your
    • body becomes as much lighter as is represented by the weight of
    • is the essential feature of the phenomenon of Will. As a conscious
    • to speak, sent after it. Up there, the light cannot spread out
    • unimpaired, but into it the darkening, the dimming effect is sent
    • same time you see that the material prism plays an essential part in
  • Title: Third Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • the main idea of the present course is for me to tell you some of the
    • investigations. Presently, Councillor Buettner grew impatient and
    • say: There is a ray of light, sent from the object to the surface of
    • speak of rays of light being sent out and refracted and so on. And
    • present us with a merely phoronomical conception, remote from the
    • with — would be a diagrammatic picture of the essential parts
  • Title: Fourth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • sent a cylinder of light through a prism and so obtained a real scale
  • Title: Fifth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • you will presently see, the elements we are compiling will pave the
    • to us, — that is the essential thing. Here once again you see
    • say in conclusion. What I am trying to present in these lectures is
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • other natural phenomena which we shall presently be studying. I will
    • presented in the schools today, reaches hardly any farther back than
    • saturated with the present way of thought that if you have been
    • it diagrammatically, let me represent the latter simply by a light
    • feeling and sensation there is an essential difference between being
    • essential difference between the way we feel ourselves within the
    • the straightforward facts simply as they present themselves. Goethe
    • essential thing; observe to what extent a thing is whole, or but a
    • therefore, to sum up, is the essential point: For all that meets us
    • abstraction. From this abstraction however present-day Physics has
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • essential difference between the green image engendered spatially
    • essential difference. A sensible and thoughtful contemplation of
    • very far removed from the abstraction commonly presented.
    • what is the underlying notion in this customary presentation. You
  • Title: Eighth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • then it reaches the nerve and so affects the sentient brain. So we
    • represented as such in this connection. What is transmitted inward
    • represent? It would be an organ, my dear Friends, which I could
    • now been pointing out will lead us presently along a most important
  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • they had the strangest experiences. Presently they found that
    • these researches it was presently discovered that there are bodies
    • differences in velocity as the most essential thing. What is it
    • present time? It is the different velocities with which the normal,
    • longer. It presently reveals itself to be helium for instance
    • Where the essential Will is living, we are fast asleep. And now
    • other hand, the moment we go on to the essential qualities of
  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
    Matching lines:
    • presented to us by Nature. You will remember what I was trying to
    • may become for you an essential way, not only into these phenomena
    • presented by Nature. Meanwhile however, for the thinkers of the
    • “geometrical” henceforth to represent the arithmetical
    • presents itself to you in conscious day-waking life. Yet the two
    • is most essential to give the realities a chance to unfold. We must
    • dream-picture which has been made of Nature represents actual
    • — I was presented with a reprint of a lecture by a German

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