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  • Title: First Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • many single wolves, single hyenas, single phenomena of warmth, single
    • force of heat or warmth, and so on. They speak of an unknown
    • We take hold of a warm
    • the heat or warmth is the effect on your own nerves. Objectively,
  • Title: Sixth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • become united with the warmth-conditions of our environment, —
    • very much in the condition of our environment as regards warmth; and
    • namely the polarity of warm and cold. Yet we must needs perceive an
    • warmth-condition of our environment and the way we feel ourselves
    • the experience of light upon the one hand and warmth upon the other
    • our environment as regards warmth and light respectively. Then in the
    • we share in the warmth-conditions of our environment with our
    • warmth, and of electro-magnetics; also whatever explanations may
  • Title: Seventh Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • descend from Light to Warmth. Warmth too we perceive as a condition
    • perception of light and the perception of warmth there is a very
    • warmth?”, you will have to answer, “While my relation
    • particular place in my body, — this is not so for warmth. For
    • warmth the whole of me is, so to speak, the sense-organ. For
    • warmth, the whole of me is what my eye is for the light”. We
    • cannot therefore speak of the perception of warmth in the same
    • warmth-condition of our surroundings? We must admit, we have a very
    • warmth-element of our environment. And yet, what is it of us that
    • that is swimming when you are swimming in the warmth of your
    • water just warm enough for you to feel it lukewarm. Put both your
    • into the lukewarm water. You will find the lukewarm water seeming
    • very warm to your right hand and very cold to your left. Your left
    • having become cold, perceives as warmth. Before, you felt the same
    • lukewarmness on either side. What is it then? It is your own warmth
    • that is swimming there. Your own warmth makes you feel the
    • in the warmth-element of your environment? It is your own
    • state-of-warmth, brought about by your own organic process. Far
    • it. Inside your skin you are living in this warmth, and according to
    • the state of this your own warmth you converse — communicate
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  • Title: Ninth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • activity. The water thereby became warmer, as we were able to shew.
    • The effect produced — the development of warmth — may
    • chemical forces and see how warmth arose in the process. Again,
    • reversing the experiment which we have just described, warmth could
    • figures, how much warmth is needed to produce a given, measurable
    • to produce a given, measurable amount of warmth or heat. So doing,
    • has actually been transformed into the warmth. Again, they
    • assumed that when warmth is applied in the steam-engine, this
    • warmth is actually transformed into the mechanical work that
    • sequences of waves. Also for warmth as it spreads outward into space,
    • warmth are in fact similar in some respects. Now they could think the
    • light for example, or even the phenomena of warmth. In light and
    • sound and warmth we ourselves are swimming, so to speak, as was
    • it. So has the sound, the ear. For warmth too, a kind of
    • warmth-organ is built into man. For electricity, they say, there is
    • the case of warmth and in that of sound or tone. The same cannot be
    • warmth belongs — to a high degree at least, if not entirely
    • realm of light and sound and warmth into the realm of the
    • speak, into the realms of light and sound and warmth etc. For we
    • light, and sound, and warmth, is then akin to our conscious life,
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  • Title: Tenth Lecture (First Scientific Lecture-Course)
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    • phenomena of warmth) — by means of geometrical, arithmetical
    • via the phenomena of warmth, into the realm we are coming into with
    • gas or air under the influence of warmth and in relation to its
    • of Will. Warmth is between the two. Even as Feeling is intermediate
    • between Thought and Will, so is the outer warmth in Nature
    • in the phenomena of Warmth.

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