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The Riddles of Philosophy

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Riddles of Philosophy

By Rudolf Steiner

GA 18

This volume is a translation of Die Rätsel der Philosophie (Vol. 18 in the Bibliographic Survey, 1961).

This translation has been authorized for the Western Hemisphere by the Rudolf Steiner Nachlassverwaltung, Dornach, Switzerland.

The full title of this book is, The Riddles of Philosophy Presented in an Outline of Its History. It is not a “history of philosophy,” although the approach is historical. It is a review of historical and present-day world conceptions. Originally, this work appeared in two volumes in the German language. The first English edition appeared in 1973 and is bound as one volume.

Together with Truth and Science and The Philosophy of Freedom, it could be considered as one third of a philosophical trilogy.

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 Cover Sheet  
 Table of Contents  
 Preface to the 1923 Edition  
 Preface to the 1918 Edition  
 Preface to the 1914 Edition  
IGuiding Thoughts on the Method of Presentation  
IIThe World Conception of the Greek Thinkers  
IIIThought Life from the Beginning of the Christian Era to John Scotus Erigena  
IVThe World Conceptions of the Middle Ages  
VThe World Conceptions of the Modern Age of Thought Evolution  
VIThe Age of Kant and Goethe  
VIIThe Classics of World and Life Conception  
VIIIReactionary World Conceptions  
IXThe Radical World Conceptions  
 Introductory Remarks to the 1914 Edition  
IThe Struggle Over the Spirit  
IIDarwinism and World Conception  
IIIThe World as Illusion  
IVEchoes of the Kantian Mode of Conception  
VWorld Conceptions of Scientific Factuality  
VIModern Idealistic World Conceptions  
VIIModern Man and His World Conception  
VIIIA Brief Outline of an Approach to Anthroposophy  
 Alphabetical Index  
 Back Cover  


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